October 20, 2004

Gavin's Secret

Gwen Stefani is a (step)mom:

The London Mirror reports the No Doubt frontwoman's British hubby, Gavin Rossdale, has just learned he has a daughter.

DNA tests have reportedly confirmed the Bush rocker, 37, is the father of 15-year-old model Daisy Lowe (mom is London-based designer and singer Pearl Lowe).

"Yes, it's true but out of respect to all parties concerned, I've no further comment," Rossdale is quoted as telling the paper.

Gwen, who wed Rossdale in 2002, is said to be "devastated" by the news.

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Says LL

L.L. Cool J is not one to shy away from sharing his sexual know-how.

In the November issue of Blender magazine, he reveals two of the oddest things that have been licked off his abs. "A couple of boxes of Jell-O in a tub of cold water and chocolate syrup," the rapper recounted. "That's the craziest."

He also recommends another way to liven your sex life: "Get yourself a brand new shower curtain, throw it on the bed, squeeze some baby oil all over that joint, and do a little slip and slide. I have done that many times."

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A mother's love

A mother's love is truly special:

A Marion County judge on Monday sentenced an Indianapolis woman to 18 months in prison for helping her 5-year-old son smoke crack cocaine.

Andrea Wilkey, 40, oheld the lighter n Aug. 6 while her son inhaled from a homemade pipe, police say. Her son tested positive for cocaine the next day.

Wilkey told police she was smoking crack in a "bong" made out of a baby food jar, glass pipe and rubber tubing.

Wilkey left the room, court records say. When she returned, her son was sitting at the table near the bong and asking to use the drug. "Come on. Let me do it," he said, according to records.

The mother said she then struck a lighter to the cocaine and watched her son inhale, according to records.

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South Beach

So the partners decided where our firm trip is going to be this year: Miami--South Beach. I'm really pumped because it will be a nice break from the December chill of Indiana, and I've never been there.

We'll be staying here, which I've been told is only 2 minutes from South Beach.

Has anyone been there? Are there any shops, bars, clubs, etc. you highly recommend? If so, let me know! Don't want to miss anything!

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October 19, 2004


Congratulations! You are Gabrielle Solis, the
ex-model with everything she's every wanted a
rich husband, a big house and John, the
17-year-old gardener.

Which Desperate Housewife are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

--At first this was slightly disheartening because she has such an empty marriage. But, then I reminded myself that ALL the possible outcomes of the quiz have screwed up lives. And then again, I could handle having a gardener that looked like THAT!

--Stolen from Daniel.

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How you know you've found "the one"--by Angelina Jolie:

Oscar-winner Angelina Jolie believes the man who understands her sadomasochistic needs and ties her up will be "the one".

The Tomb Raider star tried to engender trust in her marriages to actors Jonny Lee Miller and Billy Bob Thornton by introducing violence into their sex lives, and she wants to push the boundaries even further with her next lover.

Jolie explains, "A lot of my relationships just weren't honest enough. So I took them down different paths toward violence or wildness... to try to find somebody to hold me down and make me feel. S&M sex can be misinterpreted as violence. It's really about trust. I like to push boundaries, both emotional and sexual, with another person. That's when I've felt the sexiest. I've been in both submissive and dominant roles because I want more. I've never been tied up. I have a feeling the person that does it will be the one. I think that's what I'd like."

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Rod's Rod

Rod Stewart has confessed he can't manage sex as often as he used to.

The star admits his stamina in the bedroom isn't what it once was and these days he actually prefers kissing. Rod is dating model and photographer Penny Lancaster.

According to Femalefirst quoting the Radio Times he said: "As the years go by we don't get it up as often as we used to. It's quality now, not quantity. Kissing is very important." The 59-year-old singer also admits on occasions he turns down his beautiful girlfriend Penny Lancaster's requests for sex because he is just too tired.

He added: "I just believe in a nice glass of wine in the evening, football and sex, and a lot of music in your life."

--I'm not sure why Rod felt like he needed to share all that. Doesn't he know there are drugs he can take to help this?

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Broadway Update

Oscar-winning director Sam Mendes is bringing animation hit Shrek to Broadway in a musical adaptation of the Dreamworks movie.

The Road To Perdition star will have creative control of the New York production, while Tony-nominated stage director Jason Moore, who took charges of puppet musical Avenue Q, will direct the show in 2006.

Mendes told the New York Times newspaper, "There isn't the sort of corporate pressure being exerted that this has to be done for a set pre-release date." Moore enthuses, "'There's a supreme challenge in bringing an animated world to the stage and making it theatrical. But what's so wonderful about Shrek is that anarchic attitude placed in a fairy- tale world that I think will thrive onstage."
Also, in Broadway News:

Former American Idol runner-up Tamyra Gray has been tapped to make her Broadway debut in Andrew Lloyd Webber's Bollywood–style musical Bombay Dreams. Gray plays a beautiful film director caught in a love triangle involving her fiancée and a handsome young Indian movie star.

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October 18, 2004

Beauty Tips

Thought I'd share with you some of my recent better finds:

SlingStay: The invisible grip for keeping slipping sling backs in place while keeping you stylish and sexy.

GalPal Deoderant Remover: You know those stripes that show up on your sides after you slide on clothes? Get rid of deodorant streaks quickly without water. Gal Pal can be used over and over.

Stella, by Stella McCarney: Two sorority sisters got this for me for my birthday, and I love it. It smells great!

E.L.F. Cosmetics: Ladies, this is a golden find. I read about ELF online, as well as in magazines. I shared the website with the ladies at my law office, and we ordered some. We ALL love what we ordered. I'd highly recommend the glosses, eyeliner, eyeshadow. OH--and I forgot to mention the best part--EVERYTHING IS $1!!! No joke. It's not too good to be true. The products are great. Trust me on this one. If you can't find the line in your local drugstore, you can order online like I did. I ordered 3 glosses, a black eyeliner (comes w/ a sharpener too), and an eyeshadow quattro. Everything including shipping came to UNDER $10.

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VB Rocks

Victoria Beckham, the former Spice Girl called "Posh" for her sophisticated persona and sense of style, is now passing her keen sense of fashion onto the world as a designer.

The British wife of superstar soccer player David Beckham will reportedly launch a new denim line called "VB Rocks" in Japan later this month. "I'm using my brain for the first time in a long time," she told The New York Post. "I'm doing what I love and know something about." The collection of jeans is also scheduled to hit the United States in a couple of weeks, during Fashion Week in Los Angeles.

--Using your brain for the first time in a long time? What? Being a Spice Girl wasn't intellecutally stimulating? That just shocks me.

--I'm also not sure what I think of the new blonde locks.

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There are going to be a lot more lawyers in Indiana today. At 10 a.m., we all get sworn in--and then, we're official. I believe we even get our attorney numbers today. After what has seemed like an endless amount of hoops to jump through, I'm finally starting to see the end.

Ahhh, to be a member of the most loathed profession on the planet.

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October 15, 2004

Pudding Strike

Man vows to eat only pudding until he can watch football in the Virgin Islands.

Read all about it here.

Do my buddies at Gamblin' and Ramblin' care to wager how long this will last? He's at 32 days thus far...

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Mirror, mirror on the wall...

...who's the vainest of them all? Mary-Kate and Ashley!

From the Daily News: What's the one thing missing from NYU freshmen Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen's fabulous new 5,725-square-foot, $7 million Morton Square apartment?

According to a Lowdown spy, the pint-size twins have asked an interior decorator to find and install "skinny mirrors" designed to shave off pounds from their already gaunt frames.

Quipped the spy: "If they appeared any skinnier, they would be invisible to the naked eye."

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Friday Trivia

He's the voice of the "priceless" MasterCard commercials.

Be fair and don't look it up--it will be more fun to see people's guesses. I was SO wrong!

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Voting Incentive

Here's a way to get men to vote:

Ukrainian voters are being offered a free striptease in a bid to win their votes for a presidential candidate.

Campaigners for current Prime Minister Viktor Yanukovich organized the free striptease shows in the Santa Fe bar in Donetsk hoping they could get people to re-elect their man, local media reported.

One organizer said: "We hope the voters will remember who gave them this show for free when they go to the ballot box."

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Sexual Healing

Who's gettin' some?

The French have topped a survey as being the people who have sex the most. A survey found the French have sex 137 times during one year.

Condom Company Durex has released the result of its latest world sex survey, Las Ultimas Noticias reports. The survey interviewed 350 thousand people in 41 different countries across the globe.

The Japanese got last place in the survey as they have sex in average 46 times during a year.

In Latin America Brazil got first place having sex 96 times in 365 days.

The British won the title for being the people who take longer getting warmed up for sex, 25 minutes in average.

The survey has also revealed that all over the world people have an average of 10.5 partners throughout life.

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October 14, 2004

More Hilton Drama

And in the dysfunctional life of the Hiltons:

Newlywed heiress Nicky Hilton has reportedly split from husband Todd Meister after their quickie Vegas nuptials two months ago. The duo is working on an annulment, per Us Weekly. (Shocker).

Meanwhile, Paris Hilton has popped up in a third homemade porn video, according to London tabloid The News of the World, which claims to have footage of Hilton romping with "the daughter of a world famous pop star" and having sex with two men at the same time. (Shocker again).

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Ralph Rises Again

Karate Kid star Ralph Macchio set to play himself in upcoming Fox comedy, The Ralph Show, according to Daily Variety. The show will explore the "humorous and vaguely humiliating aspect of celebrity," according to executive producer Todd Holland.

--I still think his best role was in The Outsiders.

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She's so traditional

Britney Spears wants to change her name to Federline, but fears the move will upset her fans.

The "Toxic" singer - whose September 18 marriage to dancer Kevin Federline was made official last week - is keen to show her devotion to her new husband by taking his surname, and is determined to defy the objections of devotees. She told the German magazine Bunte, "I probably will, Britney Federline, I like that. Society probably won't allow me but I would like to change it."

--Society won't let her? Last time I checked she can do (and has done) whatever the hell she wants. Maybe she knows it will be too much paperwork to change it back in 6 weeks when this relationship implodes.

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October 13, 2004

Lake's ashes

For years after the legendary screen siren's death, it was believed that Veronical Lake's remains had been scattered off the coast of Florida by her friends.

However, for mysterious reasons, it seems some or all of her ashes never made it to their intended destination. Instead, they were reportedly passed among friends and acquaintances and eventually ended up at a small antique shop in upstate New York. Now, the vintage store in the Catskills plans to honor the blonde bombshell with a look-a-like contest this weekend. After the tribute, the current owner of the ashes may reportedly try to sell them.

--I think I'd like to be cremated, but I guess now I need to put something in my will indicating what I'd like done with them. I don't want to end up somewhere random like that! On an unrealted note, didn't Kim Basinger play a Veronica Lake look-alike in LA Confidential?

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