September 30, 2004


MTV reality stars Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey are allegedly considering ending their marriage because the former 98 Degrees hunk is sick of her "dumb blonde" behavior.

The Nick And Jessica: Newlyweds couple have shocked viewers with their outrageous rows on the show's second season, which features Lachey calling Simpson a "pampered bimbo", fuelling speculation the couple are drifting apart. An insider tells Britain's Daily Sport newspaper, "They are pretty much living separate lives these days.

I wouldn't be surprised if both of them are back on the market in a few months." Lachey reportedly complained, "If I'd wanted a bimbo, I would have married Paris Hilton."

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Voter Chic

We all know that EVERYONE should vote. Why not look chic while doing it?

When Patricia Field transformed Sarah Jessica Parker into the trendsetting“Carrie”on Sex & The City, she had young (and not so young) America rushing to the stores to emulate the look. Now she’s hoping they’ll rush to the voting booths as well.

The lady of the House of Field partnered with MTV’s Choose or Lose campaign and designed a t-shirt in her trademark neon spray-paint style to help the music network mobilize 20 million 18-30 year-old voters for the upcoming presidential election.

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She's watching it rain men from heaven now

Izora Rhodes Armstead, who sang the 1980s dance club hit "It's Raining Men" as one half of the Weather Girls, has died.

--Man, I SO love that song. God bless her for helping to create a song so many people love, yet don't want to admit!

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What she's got

You've got yourself a fine man there, Britney.

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September 29, 2004

Casting Call

Hollywood hunks Russell Crowe, George Clooney, Tom Hanks and Hugh Jackman are battling for the lead role in movie adaptation of best-seller The Da Vinci Code.

The film's director, Ron Howard will choose which actor would best suit the role of Robert Langdon, who discovers clues in Leonardo Da Vinci's paintings, which lead to the discovery of a religious mystery protected by a secret society for 2000 years.

--Who would you pick?

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Weak Jack

Jack Daniel's has sparked outrage among serious drinkers by unceremoniously lowering the proof of its famous Tennessee Whiskey from 86 to 80.

The change — which means the hooch has 3 percent less alcohol — has riled those still smarting from the "betrayal" of 15 years ago when the company lowered the strength of its 90-proof, 138-year-old original recipe, to 86 proof.

--I think departing from the tradition of the recipie is sad. Drink Zima if you want a baby beverage!

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Because you never know

Here's an article on how to tell if your wife is a porn star. Some things to watch out for:

-- Every couple of weeks she has to fly to California to care for a "sick aunt."

-- When in bed, she just lies there until you yell "Action!"

-- Just as you're about to make love, she asks, "What's my motivation?"

-- She keeps getting mail addressed to "Patty O'Plenty."

-- Whenever you go out, drooling men ask her for her autograph.

-- She looks suspiciously like the Hustler pin-up in your neighbor's garage.

-- She knows sexual positions that would put a circus contortionist in the hospital.

-- She wears a micro miniskirt and six-inch spike heels to go grocery shopping.

-- On your joint tax return she lists her occupation as "passion princess."

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September 28, 2004

Porn Again

Everyone's favorite heiress is embroiled in yet another new sex tape scandal.

This time, London's News of the World claims to have obtained a tape showing Paris Hilton getting naughty with ex-boyfriends Nick Carter and Jason Shaw. Hilton is said to be shown "writhing in the back of a car as she is groped intimately" by former Backstreet Boy Carter. In another scene, Paris answers the the door buck naked — wearing only a "pore strip" across her nose — for Tommy Hilfiger model Shaw, tattles the tab.

Elsewhere in the video, Hilton reportedly puffs on a joint, chirping, "Paris Hilton, part two: How to roll a joint!"

The 11 minutes of steamy footage obtained by the British paper is believed to have been culled from about 12 hours of video stolen from Hilton's rented Hollywood Hills home last month.

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Size Does Matter

A troubled bridge over water.

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Trump Smells

Uber-persona Donald Trump has announced a deal with Aramis and Designer Fragrances, a division of The Estee Lauder Cos. (EL: up $0.10 to $42.14, Research, Estimates), to market his new business venture: Donald Trump, The Fragrance.

"My new partnership with Aramis and Designer Fragrances is huge," Trump said in a press release. "They are leaders in the industry. Donald Trump, The Fragrance, will be the best men's scent available and the must-have gift for the holidays."
A spokswomen for Estee Lauder said the top note, or scent, of the cologne contains citrus notes with hints of mint, cucumber and black basil. The core note is made from an exotic plant -- which the company keeps secret -- that provides a green effect with woody undertones, rounded out with spicy, peppery accents. The finish come from exotic woods and has earthy, herbaceous and spicy notes.

--Is it me, or does that description sound disgusting? Is it edible? It sounds like the man's version of Jessica Simpson's Dessert line.

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For a Good Cause

October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month and the geniuses behind GoSmile’s handy and magical teeth whitening system are showing their support with the Think Pink leather ampoule case.

The cute little compact—a pale pink version of their trademark case—neatly fits seven GoSmile ampoules, so addicts like Cameron Diaz, Nicole Kidman and Betsey Johnson can whiten their teeth while on the run. But not only will their teeth be whiter, they’ll also be supporting a worthy cause. All of the proceeds from sales of the Think Pink case go to New York’s Big Bam! Foundation, which provides medical services for disadvantaged women with breast cancer. Now that’s something to smile about!

Not in to teeth whitening? Well, 100% of the profits from this necklace go to the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation, supporting reasearch and educational programs to find the cure. So cute!

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September 27, 2004

Daily Show viewers know

One more reason The Daily Show rocks:

Viewers of late-night comedy programs, especially The Daily Show with Jon Stewart on the cable channel Comedy Central, are more likely to know the issue positions and backgrounds of presidential candidates than people who do not watch late-night comedy, the University of Pennsylvania’s National Annenberg Election Survey shows.

Polling conducted between July 15 and Sept. 19 among 19,013 adults showed that on a six-item political knowledge test people who did not watch any late-night comedy programs in the past week answered 2.62 items correctly, while viewers of Late Night with David Letterman on CBS answered 2.91, viewers of The Tonight Show with Jay Leno answered 2.95, and viewers of The Daily Show with Jon Stewart answered 3.59 items correctly. That meant there was a difference of 16 percentage points between Daily Show viewers and people who did not watch any late-night programming.

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Cry me a river

One-time pop sensation Sinead O'Connor was back in the news Friday -- by taking out a full-page ad pleading for people to stop making fun of her.

O'Connor, who shot to international fame in 1990 with her biggest hit, "Nothing Compares 2 U," claimed she'd been "consistently ridiculed, lashed and called mad" for decades, particularly in her native Ireland.

--You made your bed, Sinead. People who thrive on being controversial pay the price.

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Seinfeld Reunion

The stars of defunct sitcom Seinfeld are set to reunite for a TV special. Jerry Seinfeld and the rest of the cast, including Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Jason Alexander and Michael Richards, will return to NBC for a retrospective of the Emmy-winning show.

During the special, which will air in America on November 25, old clips from the comedy will be revisited and the stars will be interviewed. Seinfeld will serve as host of the special.

--Sure to be entertaining!

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Dumb Lawsuit

A Melbourne woman, suing McDonald's Australia, claims she suffered a loss of libido after biting into an allegedly contaminated cheeseburger.

Kelly Rae Hennessey alleges the cheeseburger she bought from a McDonald's drive-through in Adelaide in July 2000 contained a rock, the Melbourne Herald Sun reported Sunday.

As a result of the bad burger, Hennessey says she's suffered a loss of libido, as well as depression, nightmares, anxiety, nausea, palpitations, diarrhea, shortness of breath and toothache.

--Whatever. Shortness of breath? Palpitations? Um, STOP CONSUMING BURGERS!

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September 24, 2004

The wait is over

The wait is over...

Bar results were posted this morning.

I passed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So overwhelmed.

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Fug Bag

Britney took this on her honeymoon. The symbol means the power to heal, from the Kabbalah.

--I think it's fugly.

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Lachey to hit big screen

Nick Lachey isn't about to let his famous wife Jessica Simpson become the only silver-screen star in the family.

The famous "Newlywed" husband has signed on for a movie role of his own in the upcoming film The Hard Easy, according to The Hollywood Reporter. Lachey will play a high-powered accountant who falls on hard luck and gets caught up in a jewelry heist with a gang of thieves. The new film has reportedly already begun shooting in Los Angeles.

Lachey's other half, Simpson, was recently inked to play the role of Daisy Duke in the big-screen remake of the popular '70s TV show The Dukes of Hazzard.

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September 23, 2004

Fun Quiz

What's your art IQ? Take this quiz and find out!

I scored 8/10.

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Downey's Multiple Talents

Robert Downey, Jr., as well known for his numerous drug-related arrests as his acting skills, will drop his solo album debut Nov. 23, his new label home, Sony Classical, announced Wednesday.

The 10-song collection will consist of eight Downey-penned pop ballads and two covers, "Smile," the Charlie Chaplin standard, and "Your Move," the Yes standard.

--I think he is just an amazing talent. I'm betting his album will be great.

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