January 31, 2008

Psychiatric Lockdown #2

Last night, Britney Spears' new psychiatrist went to her home and felt she was a danger to herself and others -- partly because of her reckless driving and partly because of her "downhill behavior." As a result, the shrink launched a plan (days in the making) to have Britney committed to UCLA Medical Center by calling the cops.

Sources say the cops knew it was coming. In fact, the plan was for cops and paramedics to take Britney away the night before, but it was scrubbed. Last night, it all went down according to plan. Cops even used code to minimize craziness in transporting Britney to the hospital. Over the police radio, she was referred to as "The Package."

Before the cops arrived, the shrink told her she was going back to the hospital and she offered no resistance. She said, "Is something wrong?" She made hot chocolate and waited. Her mom, Lynne, got extremely agitated, accusing Sam of engineering the impending commitment. We're told Brit told her to "shut the hell up." She demanded silence, sat on the floor and wrote notes to people who were there as they waited. When emergency personnel arrived, Brit went on the gurney without resistance.

When everyone arrived at UCLA, things got heated. Jamie Spears began screaming at Sam Lutfi, accusing him of trying to control Britney. We're told as far as the doctors are concerned -- at least for now -- Lynne and Jamie Spears are not calling the shots. The point guy for the docs is Brit's friend, Sam Lutfi.

Sources say after Britney's commitment earlier this month, she was extremely upset at her dad for getting angry at Sam and the hospital staff. Britney had lawyers draft several documents, however, she did not sign a durable power of attorney giving Lutfi the power to make medical decisions on her behalf. Nevertheless, something was signed and doctors are going to Lutfi for guidance. Jamie went off on Lutfi in the hallway, accusing him of trying to control his daughter.

Britney has been calm in the hospital, even getting a "cigarette break."

During the initial 72-hour stay she cannot be forced to take medication against her will. If, however, she refuses to take the meds, the plan is for the psychiatrist to go to court and have Britney held for an additional 14 days, during which time he could administer proper medications.

TMZ has some video clips.

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Hawke To Be a Dad--Again

Ethan Hawke knocked up his former nanny.

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January 30, 2008

Classy Guy

Adnan Ghalib, the creepy paparazzo who weaseled his way into pop wreck Britney Spears' life, has not only tried to score extra money by selling videos and photos of Spears crying - he also participated in a test survey of male "enhancement" products. Ghalib is in a group of 12 men who tried out various products touted on the Internet at SexHealthReview.com.

On the site, Ghalib is identified by a photo and his name, "Adnan G," and lists his occupation as "filmmaker." Ghalib notes, "I work in 'the' industry in Los Angeles, and I know many of my friends use these products. Thought this would be an interesting opportunity to reveal the truth to many men worldwide."

Meanwhile, he's trying to maintain his tenuous grip on Spears . Monday night, he was denied entry to her LA home by her "manager," Sam Lutfi, who accused him in a series of text messages of being a "trigger" to her mania. Ghalib eventually got to Spears and drove her around after she had another fight with her mother, Lynne, and Lutfi, who are trying to get her to seek psychiatric help.

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Romo Serenades Jess

“Don’t Stop Believing” by Journey has been ruined many a time at karaoke nights around the country. Tony Romo belted out the old favorite and is pictured singing it to Jessica Simpson at Key Club in LA on Monday.

Eventually, the audience coaxed the Dallas Cowboys quarterback to the stage. Romo’s pick: Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believing.” As he belted out the hit, Simpson alternated between kissing him on the cheek, wrapping her arms around him and staring dreamily into his eyes. “He was singing directly to her — and she was on cloud nine,” a witness said.

TMZ even has audio and video. Click here. Check out the chant to get him on stage. Ha! Of course, the ever-so-worthless and annoying Ken Paves is there clinging on to her. Oh, and watch long enough to listen to him butcher "Sweet Child O Mine."

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January 29, 2008

Lindsay Parties On

Lindsay Lohan "took a swig of vodka from a bottle of Grey Goose" at the Box Friday night as she partied with Stavros Niarchos, her deejay pal Samantha Ronson, Brody Jenner, and "an entourage of blond 20-somethings," a witness says. Lohan was "trying to keep a low profile and covering her face." Lohan and Niarchos then stopped by West 17th Street spot 1 Oak, where "Lindsay wasn't drinking," say sources, before returning to the Four Seasons Hotel, where they spent the night. Lohan's rep had no comment.

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What a Wimp

Kathy Griffin was re-banned from a show. "I was supposed to be on 'The View' [today]," said Griffin, who performs her final sold-out stand-up show tonight at Madison Square Garden. "But then I get a call from [producer] Bill Geddie, and he says, 'You were too mean to Barbara [Walters] on your last special, so you can't come on.' Can you believe it? I've been banned before but never re-banned!" Griffin does a spot-on impersonation of Walters, but she didn't insult the TV legend any more than usual on her last special for Bravo.

Babs needs to toughen up. Personally, I think Kathy is hilarious.

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Another One

It seems to be baby season lately as now it appears Gwen Stefani and husband Gavin Rossdale are expecting an addition to their family.

A source said: “They found out at California’s Cedars-Sinai hospital and couldn’t wait to share the news with everyone.”

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January 28, 2008


We finally had an award show last night, kiddies, as Hollywood got together to pat eachother on the back at the Screen Actor's Guild Awards. Winners included James Gandolfini, Edie Falco, The Office, No Country for Old Men, Cate Blanchett, Tina Fey, Alec Baldwin, and Daniel Day Lewis.

My picks for Best Dressed:

My picks for Worst Dressed:

And the "Get a room" award goes to:

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Hangin' Tough

Royalty checks and reality TV must not be paying the bills anymore, the New Kids on the Block are making yet another comeback. The group, all of them, are going to make an official announcement on their website any time now.

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January 25, 2008

Heath Mystery

The Heath Ledger-Mary Kate Olsen mystery deepens...

Were they dating?
Did they do drugs together?
Why did NO ONE think to call 911 right away?

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Pregnancy News

Tori Spelling is pregnant again. Entertainment Tonight is confirming In Touch Weekly’s scoop that Tori Spelling is expecting her second baby. The actress and husband Dean McDermott already has one son, Liam, who turns one year old in March. And it looks like we’ll get to check out Tori’s baby bump on the tube; Tori & Dean: Still Inn Love will hit the Oxygen Network later this year.


Angelina Jolie is reportedly pregnant with twins, according to Star. They claim that Angie has been eating for three over the past week and even canceled a trip to Europe because of the news of the pregnancy. Another source claims: “Brad and Angelina are absolutely ecstatic. But I still think there will be more adoptions to come.” Reports also indicate that Angie has been spotted making visits to the OB/GYN office who treated Nicole Richie during her pregnancy.

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Yes, yes, yes?

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January 24, 2008


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Shrek Is Coming to Broadway

Shrek is to be made into a Broadway musical.

The stage version of the DreamWorks animated film will open in Seattle in August before moving to New York. The movie was a huge hit on its release in 2001 and went on to spawn two sequels, with a third scheduled for release in 2010.

Show director Jason Moore has been working on the project for three years and said it will reveal more about central characters Shrek, Donkey and Princess Fiona than the original film.

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Perez Wins!

Celebrity blogger Perez Hilton won the $85,000 lawsuit brought against him by Lindsay Lohan pal and disc jockey, Samantha Ronson. Samantha sued Perez after he said she planted cocaine on Lindsay Lohan leading to her arrest. Lawyers for Perez argued he was protected by free speech, even if it was a lie. The suit was dropped, but Perez sued Samantha for repayment of legal fees…and won.

Samantha’s lawyers claim the fees were too excessive and should be more than $13,000 or $14,000 but the judge ordered Samantha to pay the fees anyway. And Perezzers intends to collect. Perez Hilton will take steps to make sure every dime is collected," said his lawyer, Bryan J. Freedman. "This should make one careful before filing a lawsuit against him."

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Lookin' Good!

Decked out in a full rugby outfit, Will Ferrell puts on his fiercest game face during a visit with the Literary and Historical Society of the University College Dublin on Wednesday, where the group presented him with the James Joyce Award for his contribution to comedy and entertainment.

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January 23, 2008

The Fotog Breaks His Silence

Britney Spears' paparazzo boy toy, Adnan Ghalib, says he's been having sex with the whacked-out pop tart and believes she wants to have his baby. Acknowledging that Spears bought herself a pregnancy test, the lensman tells tonight's "Entertainment Tonight" and "The Insider": "She has a very maternal instinct. She was feeling a lot of things she said she felt when she was pregnant. I think she was hoping she was pregnant with my child." Ghalib insists Spears is not suicidal and that her on-again, off-again British accent is perfectly normal. "She just thinks it's cute," he said.

Ghalib denied Spears has taken out a restraining order against him. In fact, he'd be ready to marry Britney. "I'd be lying if I said no," he gushes, adding their relationship is "far from over."

Ghalib's wife, Azlynn, apparently agrees that's the case. She filed papers yesterday to formally separate from her husband of four years, citing "irreconcilable differences."

Click here to see excerpts.

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January 22, 2008

Breaking News

Heath Ledger was found dead at his New York residence, a police spokesman has confirmed to the Associated Press.

UPDATE: Page Six reports it was apparently a drug overdose.

UPDATE 2: Heath's family issued a statement.

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The Big Noms

Get ready! The Oscar nominations will be announced later this morning. I'll post the list later.

I saw "No Country for Old Men" yesterday. Wow. If you're easily rattled, I wouldn't recommend it. However, I thought it was fabulous. All 3 leads--Javier Bardem, Josh Brolin, and Tommy Lee Jones were acting perfection.

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Probably a Fake-Out

Tom Brady has an ouchie? GO ELI!

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