January 31, 2005

Mass Dysfunction

How much dysfunction can you fit into one photograph? I mean, seriously:

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And in the world of Britney...

--Britney Spears' hip-hop hubby, Kevin Federline, is getting a metrosexual makeover courtesy of Details magazine. The editor in chief, Dan Peres, hired fashion photographer Steven Klein to shoot a cover photo of Federline to accompany Peres' interview of the former back up dancer.

It's rumored that Spears, with her tiny pup Bibit in tow, was on hand to direct Federline in the shoot, in which he swapped his wifebeater shirt and baggy jeans for more dapper duds. Spears even convinced Klein, who has shot the A-list likes of Brad Pitt and Madonna, to snap Federline for the April issue of L'Uomo Vogue.

--A la Jennifer (J.Lo) Lopez and Madonna (Esther), Britney Spears has adopted the moniker "Mona Lisa" in the credits of her video, "Do Somethin'," which she co-directed.

"I kinda think she's like my alter ego," Mrs. Federline tells TRL of Leonardo Da Vinci's enigmatic muse. "Whenever I feel like being mean or bustin' people to get stuff right, it's kinda easier to be called 'Mona Lisa' instead of Britney."

--I bet DaVinci is turning over in his grave.

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Hollywood Break-up

Bloom and Bosworth split:

Orlando Bloom has ended his three-year romance with actress Kate Bosworth, because they were spending too much time apart, pals claim.

The sexy 28-year-old has been dating the Beyond The Sea beauty since they met on the set of a Gap ad in 2002. But Bloom allegedly separated from Bosworth after their recent holiday to Brazil, because their hectic filming schedules prevented them from having a stable relationship, reports British newspaper The Mail On Sunday.

A close friend explains, "Orlando has said that's it all over between him and Kate and that's he's back in the dating game. It seems they were never together for longer than a week before one of them had to jet off to the other side of the world for film commitments. Kate's devastated by the split but the truth is Orlando has always been a bit of a ladies' man and thinks he's too young to settle down."

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Angelina's Gift to Brad

Angelina Jolie has reportedly given Brad Pitt a vial of gray powder to ward off accidents.

A friend of Pitt's discovered the vial when he opened the glove compartment in the actor's car, reports the New York Daily News. Pitt revealed Jolie told him the vial contained the remains of a bat.

--Angelina and her vials of crap. She's a nutjob.

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New MTV2

This year, the only thing MTV is exposing during the Super Bowl halftime is a revamped network.

After producing the infamous Janet Jackson halftime show last year, MTV will launch a new look to its sister station, MTV2, during the Feb. 6 game break. MTV and MTV2 will both air a preview special of MTV2, featuring a combination of music, shows and random content aimed at young males.

"Our audience is looking for an alternative to the Super Bowl halftime show and we felt that the new MTV2 fit the bill perfectly," said Van Toffler, president of the MTV Networks Group. The new MTV2 is composed of music videos, new shows, graphics and random clips "that have been scoured from the Internet, old B-movies and the public service dustbin."

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Speedy Sperm

A different kind of "amazing race:"

Germans can tune in to a TV reality show this week that breaks new ground in trashiness ... Sperm Race. Twelve men will compete against each other to see which one of them has the 'fastest' sperm.

The contestants, who include two German celebrities and a health freak, begin by donating sperm in a clinic, say the programme's producers, Endemol. The sperm will then be frozen and sent to the company's studio in Cologne, where the sperm will 'race' towards an egg - lured by a chemical that encourages them across the finishing line. Three doctors, including a gynaecologist, will be on hand to make sure the sperm behave correctly, while cameras will record it all.

As well as laying claim to the title of Germany's most fertile man, the winner will also be given a suitably German reward, a red Porsche.

--Every day I think reality shows can't sink any lower, and every day I'm proved wrong.

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Catering to the Vertically Challenged

Banana Republic is getting bigger by starting small.

The mass-market clothing empire, known for its updated classics and Project Runway presence, is opening five petite boutiques in 2005. Starting in key markets Boston, Los Angeles, and Seattle, the stores will cater only to women 5’4 and under.

Besides small clothes, the stores will offer “fit guides”— personal shoppers trained to help petites match their body type to the perfect outfit. While the tall crowd may consider Banana’s new venture a style snub, they’ll be in the minority – 56% of American women are considered petite, and could make a major dent in Banana’s expanded market.

--A big, fat WHOO HOO from me! I have to get almost everything altered, and it gets pricey. This is great news. While it doesn't appear they are opening one of these boutiques in Indianapolis, I'm sure they'll have online options for those of us who are midgets in other cities.

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Random Blog Find

Got secrets?

Share them on this blog. (Which, I supppose makes them no longer secrets, but hey, whatever).

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Queer Eye on Broadway

Jai Rodriguez (of "Queer Eye for the Straight Guy" fame) shows off his song-and-dance skills - and reveals intimate details of his life - Monday in the autobiographical musical "Xposed."

"It's like the 'US Weekly' version of my life," says Rodriguez of the Hudson Theatre show, a one-night-only benefit for The Actor's Fund. Rodriguez, who wrote the script for the two-hour production, will be backed by a large troupe of singer-dancers - and some showbiz pals.

The cast features Rosie Perez as his mother, and Shosanna Bean of Broadway's "Wicked" as his best friend. "Queer Eye" castmates Carson Kressley and Ted Allen will appear as themselves - with Kressley singing "Popular" from the score of "Wicked."

--I think this sounds like a fun show! (And thinking of Carson singing "Popular" has me giggling--those of you who know the music to the show will know what I'm talking about).

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Just Kidding

A man who was presumed dead and sent to the Franklin County morgue has moved his feet and hands at the hospital where he is recovering, his family said.


--Thanks for the tip, Eli.

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Advertise Here

Note the new Blogads addition to the left sidebar. Feel free to advertise, and pass the word on.

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January 28, 2005

Snoop's Requests

Pot-loving rapper Snoop Dogg included a demand for high-grade marijuana as part of his rider for a show in Utah's Park City this week.

His other request were a PlayStation, Hennessy cognac, Moet champagne, Corona beer, doughnuts, cashews, peanut butter sandwiches and Starburst and Skittles sweets.

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K. Feddy's Lap Dance(s)

Federline continues to ooze class everywhere he goes:

Britney Spears' new husband Kevin Federline and his pals treated themselves to a series of lap dances during a weekend trip to Las Vegas - and he was given his wife's blessing.

On January 21, the dancer and his friends checked into the VIP suite at the American gambling haven's Hard Rock Hotel & Casino before dining at the Pink Taco. The next night, they enjoyed a steak meal before heading on to the popular strip club, Spearmint Rhino.

A source says, "Kevin had several lap dances. But they didn't get out of line." Spears, who was enjoying a spa trip with her girlfriends, arrived in time to see the show by circus troupe Cirque Du Soleil the following night before the couple holed themselves up in Federline's hotel room. Spears' representative Leslie Sloane says of the lap dances, "Big deal. It's a guy thing."

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Faking It

Attention ladies!!!

I have the inside scoop on how to fake it.

(On Super Bowl Sunday).

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It appears that Anna and Enrique are SO in love they decided to start dressing alike:

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Demanding Diva

Jennifer Lopez didn't disappoint in the diva stakes at last weekend's NRJ Music Awards in France. The singer, 35, made a list of backstage requests that would give a dietitian nightmares.

Jenny from the Block is said to have demanded soft baked chocolate-chip cookies, sour cream and onion crisps, nacho cheese Doritos, M&Ms, Snickers, white bread and American cheese.

J.Lo also asked for white or red roses or white lilies with the leaves removed.

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Diesel--The Musical?

Diesel--The Musical?

Diesel's current rebranding initiative will not only put it on the catwalk during New York Fashion Week, it's going to deal with the whole future of fashion.

The Italian label has conceived an entire musical to tout its spring/summer 2005 ad campaign. Shot by British photographer Elaine Constantine who worked alongside US choreographer Michael Rooney, Future catalogues the bright optimism of the Sixties and Seventies which saw a future full of "limitless possibilities and an exciting promise of a universal better living".

If the stills featuring the spring collection, entitled Suburbs of Utopia, aren't enough for you, you can check out the website that will feature backstage footage of the shoot, dance move tips and songs from the musical.

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La Vida Forgetful

Remember Ricky? (I guess some people don't)

Latin crooner Ricky Martin was mistaken for the hotel piano player in the Savoy's American Bar.

One witness reported: "He was playing for 30 minutes but being ignored. So he thumped the keys hard and sang Livin' La Vida Loca. People looked up - then went back to ignoring him."

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Now THAT'S Talent

All I have to say about this, is "Wow."

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Greg Brady To Get Divorce

The wife of former "The Brady Bunch" kid Barry Williams has filed for divorce, according to court papers.

Barry, 50, who played Greg Brady on the series, married Ella Mary Matt Williams in 1999. The couple formally separated earlier this month and have a 2-year-old son, according to the divorce petition filed Tuesday in Superior Court.

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