February 27, 2009

Their Kids Act Just Like Yours!

Shiloh digs for gold.

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Tom and Giselle Got Hitched

Tom Brady & Gisele Bündchen quietly got married in a small, private ceremony in Santa Monica, Calif. on Thursday, sources say.

The New England Patriots quarterback and the Brazilian supermodel wed just before 6 p.m. at St. Monica's church, less than a mile from the beach. Brady's 1 ½ son, John Edward Thomas, was present at the wedding.

They followed the wedding with a small gathering at their Brentwood home.

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February 26, 2009

Industry News

Cate Blanchett will play Maid Marian alongside Russell Crowe's Robin Hood in the movie remake, Variety reports.

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button star replaces Sienna Miller, who announced she had the role last June. "It's the most exciting news in the world," Miller had said about joining the cast of the Ridley Scott-directed epic.

After she exited late last year, Imagine Entertainment's Brian Grazer said Blanchett would be a strong match for Crowe. "They are both highly accomplished dramatic actors who are taken seriously playing rich characters in period pieces, but each has the ability to show you fun," Grazer said.

The adventure film, which had been called Nottingham but is undergoing a title change, will begin production in early April. This remake will be more of an origin story about Robin of Loxley. Abandoned as a child, Crowe's character finds community with the common people of Nottingham. His abandonment and trust issues hamper his ability to fall in love until he meets his match in the strong-willed Marian.

The film will be shot in the United Kingdom on a $130 million budget. Scott will be aiming for a PG-13 rating.

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Going Back to Hef?


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February 25, 2009

Richard Simmons: Call Val!

Just when I think Val Kilmer can't possibly look worse...well, he does. Here he is riding in the Krewe of Bacchus Parade in New Orleans yesterday. If they ever do another Ghostbusters movie, he could totally be the Stay Puft Marshmellow Man.

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He Must Miss Donna


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February 24, 2009

Together Again?

Are bizarre couple Evan Rachel Wood and Marilyn Manson an item again? They were seen leaving the W Hotel in LA together Sunday morning before Wood walked the red carpet at the Oscars. The 21-year-old actress recently denied rumors she was hooking up with her "The Wrestler" co-star Mickey Rourke - and now we know why.

A source outside the hotel said Manson emerged first and "said he was waiting for his girlfriend." Then, she came out and they climbed into a waiting car.

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February 23, 2009

The Oscars

Click here for your complete list of last night's winners!

And, here is my best and worst dressed list:



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February 22, 2009

Oscar Liveblog!

7:00—arrived at Aubrey’s fabulous Oscar party where the only man invited is Charles Shaw

7:02—learned that if you freeze Sugar-Free Jello pudding it tastes like ice cream

7:10—did I just see Mickey Rourke smoking on the red carpet? And, nice dog necklace.

7:12—I am loving Amy Adams’ necklace—but not sure it is a wise choice with that dress.

7:15—how hot (and young) does Robert Downey Jr. look?

7:19—Matthew Broderick needs to find a treadmill. He’s lookin’ a little puffy.

7:20—Natalie Portman looks fantastic. Love the hot pink.

7:26—just filled out my Oscar ballot. Hope I win some prizes!

7:32—I hope Jessica Biel is on the phone with her hairstylist telling them they are fired. And, her stylist for allowing her to wear those shoes.

7:39—Wow. Angelina and Brad are breathtaking.

7:47—please God, make the E! crew stop talking.

8:00—changed channel to watch Tim Gunn

8:04—Aubrey announced what fabulous prizes are in store for some knowledgeable party attendees

8:14—if you were in High School Musical, you should not be at the Academy Awards.

8:28—let the awards fun begin!

8:34—the opening number is HILARIOUS! Go, Hugh!

8:40—Aubrey says that Frank Langella used to date Whoopi Goldberg. Totally didn’t know that.

8:41—fire the curtain guy

8:43—BEST SUPPORTING ACTRESS: LOVE that they are bringing back so many past winners. Eva Marie Saint? I’ve loved her since North by Northwest! What the hell are the rest of them wearing? Whoopi—a dead animal. Tilda—a sack. Is Godlie’s mic cord sticking out of her cleavage?

8:48—Penelope Cruz wins!

8:53—we just played charades during the commercials. I had to act out Tropic Thunder and One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest

8:54—When did Sophia Loren turn orange?

8:57—Wow. The dude who won for Milk for screenplay looks 13 years old.

9:03—I hope Jennifer glares at Angelina. And, we get the camera cut to Brad and Angie. Fake smiles. Nice.

9:13—I’ve only missed one in the pool so far (Best Animated Short Film).


9:29—I didn’t need to see a romance montage. Waste of time.

9:32—Ben Stiller is annoying and stupid right now.

9:45--another damn montage.

10:05--I could watch musical montages all day, though.

10:10--BEST SUPPORTING ACTOR: Heath of course wins. I won't lie, though...I was secretly hoping Brolin would pull out the upset win.

10:39--came home from the party, and in pj's to watch the rest.

Later--and, it's Kate Winslet, Sean Penn (which, was a big surprise), and Slumdog Millionaire!

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February 20, 2009

Worn By Madonna

This could be your best excuse for booking a last-minute trip to London: A massive private collection of Madonna’s most famous and infamous costumes goes on display for the very first time starting Saturday.

From the black and gold-coned “Open Your Heart” bustier to the wedding gown she wore on the “Like a Virgin” tour to the baseball uniform she wore in A League of Their Own, more than 300 of the Material Girl’s dresses, costumes, artifacts and personal items will be up for viewing at the Old Truman Brewery through March 22. The unforgettable pink gown (and gloves) that she wore in her “Material Girl” video could even be yours!

The owners will be auctioning the dress off to one lucky — and probably very rich — bidder after the exhibit ends. Tickets to the exhibit, entitled “Simply Madonna: The Materials of the Girl,” are available through ticketmaster or preview the collection at marqueecapital.com.

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Just Awful

A photo of Rihanna after she was allegedly assaulted by Chris Brown has been obtained by TMZ. In the disturbing picture, the singer appears to have a swollen, bloody lip, two black eyes and marks on her forehead.

I refuse to post it on here, but have seen it, and it's not pretty. Whoever leaked it to TMZ should be immediately fired.

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February 19, 2009

Rourke's Oscar Date?

Has Mickey Rourke found his date to the Oscars? Craggy-faced Rourke, who scored a Best Actor nod for his work in "The Wrestler," hung out with Paris Hilton on her birthday on Tuesday, but may have scored a classier companion in German supermodel Manon von Gerkan. On Wednesday, Gerkan, who previously dated illusionist David Blaine, went with Rourke to fashion designer Domenico Vacca's show and the after-party at Pink Elephant. "They were cozy all night and then left arm-in-arm," says a source.

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Kanye, His Ego, and His New Woman

--Wearing his-and-hers sunglasses, budding fashion designer Kanye West and his reported new flame, model Amber Rose, take in the front-row action at the Alexandre Herchcovitch runway show Wednesday at New York's Bryant Park

And, here is an even better picture of them from the night before:

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February 17, 2009


Rumor has it that over the weekend, Chris Brown apparently hired Paris Hilton’s spin doctor, Mike Sitrick, to try and dig his way out of his huge mess with girlfriend Rihanna.

The Hilton-Sitrick connection makes a little sense since it is also rumored that it was Paris who inadvertently instigated the fight between Brown and Rihanna on the eve of the Grammy Awards.

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Breakin' Up


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February 16, 2009

Wedding Bells

Salma Hayek got hitched.

Does anyone else think it's crazy that he's only 4 years older than she is? I think he looks at least 15.

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February 12, 2009

I'm Sure It'll Be Rivoting

Mike Tyson is ready to spill the beans. But the one-time heavyweight champ doesn't want any leaks, so his book proposal is being seen by only five publishers. "It is similar to the way the Kurt Cobain journals were sold, which went for $4 million. Just eight people were invited down to the Inn on Irving Place to view Kurt's actual journals and hear his unreleased song," said an insider. "The book went on to be a No. 1 best-seller."

Tyson started writing while he was in prison. "Me and my cellmate would read to each other at night," Tyson told one editor. "One night I would read out loud to him, the next night he would read out loud to me. And we would do that back and forth until the book was completed."

--Um, ok, Mike. You're just like Cobain.

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Turn That Frown Upside Down

Jessica Simpson looks thrilled to be announcing the Academy Of Country Music Awards nominees.

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February 11, 2009

Still Rockin'

KISS frontman Paul Stanley and his wife Erin welcomed an 8 lb. baby girl on Jan. 28, the rocker's rep said.

"The KISS Army has a new princess and her name is Sarah Brianna," says Stanley, 57. "Erin and I feel truly blessed with the addition of this star child into our lives." Sarah is the second child for the couple, who married in 2005.

The singer/guitarist and his wife, an attorney, live in Beverly Hills with their son Colin Michael, 2, and Stanley's son Evan Shane, 14, from his previous marriage.

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Michelle Obama Does Vogue

Michelle Obama is making history again – by becoming only the second president's wife to appear on the cover of Vogue magazine.

The newly-minted first lady was photographed by famed shooter Annie Leibovitz at the Hay-Adams Hotel, where the Obamas stayed before the Inauguration.

While nearly every first lady – beginning with Herbert Hoover's wife, Lou, in 1929 – has been photographed for the fashion bible, only Hillary Clinton was featured on the cover, in Dec. 1998, Vogue spokesman Patrick O'Connell said.

In the March issue of the magazine, the cover of which will be released today, Obama is seen wearing a magenta dress by Jason Wu, who designed her inaugural gown, and also pictured in a black dress by designer Narciso Rodriguez, according to The Washington Post.

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