January 31, 2006

Like A Kid In A Candy Store

The Oscar nominations have been announced. Here's a list of the major nominees:

Best Picture
Brokeback Mountain
Good Night, and Good Luck

Best Actor
Philip Seymour Hoffman, Capote
Terrence Howard, Hustle & Flow
Heath Ledger, Brokeback Mountain
Joaquin Phoenix, Walk the Line
David Strathairn, Good Night, and Good Luck

Best Actress
Judi Dench, Mrs. Henderson Presents
Felicity Huffman, Transamerica
Keira Knightley, Pride & Prejudice
Charlize Theron, North Country
Reese Witherspoon, Walk the Line

Best Supporting Actor
George Clooney, Syriana
Matt Dillon, Crash
Paul Giamatti, Cinderella Man
Jake Gyllenhaal, Brokeback Mountain
William Hurt, A History of Violence

Best Supporting Actress
Amy Adams, Junebug
Catherine Keener, Capote
Frances McDormand, North Country
Rachel Weisz, The Constant Gardener
Michelle Williams, Brokeback Mountain

Best Director
Ang Lee, Brokeback Mountain
Bennett Miller, Capote
Paul Haggis, Crash
George Clooney, Good Night, and Good Luck
Steven Spielberg, Munich

Best Original Screenplay
Good Night, and Good Luck
Match Point
The Squid and the Whale

Best Adapted Screenplay
Brokeback Mountain
The Constant Gardener
A History of Violence

--This is one of my absolute favorite times of year. First come the Oscars, then March Madness, and the Sopranos premiere. I can hardly contain myself...

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The Feds' Night Out

Brit taps into her inner small town prom self at a SAG afterparty. Did she buy that necklace at Claire's?

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Jess Gets Slapped With Lawsuit

A Los Angeles woman has slapped Jessica Simpson with a federal lawsuit, claiming the bimbonic blonde and her business partners ripped off her trademarked cosmetics brand.

Mara Fox, who launched her "Love Potion" line of beauty products in 1989, also names cosmetics giants Sephora and D'Lish Fragrance in the multimillion-dollar suit. In 2004, Simpson, Sephora and D'Lish launched "Dessert Beauty Deliciously Kissable Love Potion," which Fox claims blatantly lifts from her older, registered brand.

Source: New York Post

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Nic Gets Sexy

Nicole Kidman has splashed out on thousands of dollars worth of sexy underwear to please alleged fiancé Keith Urban. The actress bought the lingerie at the ultra-cool New York store Mixona to spice up her love life.

An onlooker told Britain's Daily Mirror newspaper: "Nicole was in the store for hours and seemed really excited about revamping her underwear drawer. Since meeting Keith, Nicole's relaxed her diet and started working to give herself a curvier and sexier frame. There's a little more to her now."

Nicole and Keith reportedly got engaged at Christmas and are due to tie the knot in March. Nicole - who was previously married to actor Tom Cruise - is said to be thrilled to be engaged to the singer. A source close to the couple said: "Nicole is the happiest she's ever been in her life and doesn't want a long engagement. Keith proposed at Christmas and she was thrilled. They're happy and in love."

--Gee, ya think it's also because her previous husband wasn't interested?

Source: Starpulse

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Pam's New Man

Her mixed bag of ex-boyfs includes rockers Tommy Lee and Kid Rock, model Marcus Schenkenberg and actor Stephen Dorff.

Time to add another star to Pamela Anderson list. According to eagle-eyed gossipers, Pamela Anderson has hooked up with rapper Kanye West.

If the rumors prove true she'll be joining that growing bunch of famous ladies who have bagged themselves a toy boy - at 28-years-old, Kanye is ten years Pamela's junior. The pair were said to have hit it off after doing a magazine shoot together. "Kanye got cozy with Pam," a spy at the photoshoot blabbed to Star Magazine, "taking off his shirt and flirting. "There were definite sparks."

Source: Sky Showbiz

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Movin' On Up

Billy Joel has added a West Village home to his huge real estate portfolio.

The Post's Braden Keil reports that Joel, who already has places in the Hamptons, Centre Island, TriBeCa and Miami Beach, just closed on a sprawling townhouse on Perry Street for $5.9 million.

The three-story brick residence features a double-size living room, a full-floor bedroom suite, and a lap pool out back. The seller was sculptor/Band-Aid heir Seward Johnson, who first listed the mansion for $6.7 million. Joel and his young bride, Katie Lee, are selling their TriBeCa loft for $5 million, about $1 million more than they paid last year.

Source: New York Post

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Charlize Theron says she often gets turned down for action roles - because her boobs aren't big enough.

The Oscar winner claims her small chest sometimes puts directors off casting her. She said she was shocked when she was cast in action movie Aeon Flux. She told Empire magazine: "I knew it wouldn't just be running around with big t**s and kicking things. I'm not good at that. "I haven't got any t**s."

Source: Ananova

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Baby Boom

'How Stella Got Her Groove Back' star Angela Bassett and her actor hubby Courney B. Vance are celebrating their latest production -- twin babies!

The celeb duo are now the proud parents of a boy and a girl, who were born January 27 in California through a surrogate; the twins are the first children for the couple. Academy Award nominee and Golden Globe winner Bassett, 47, married "Law and Order: Criminal Intent" actor Vance, also 47, in 1997. Bassett was also a presenter at Sunday's SAG Awards in Los Angeles.

Source: ET

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Pulitzer- and Tony Award-winning playwright Wendy Wasserstein has died, her agent Phyllis Wender said Monday. She was 55.

The playwright, who had been battling cancer in recent months, died at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center in New York City, Lincoln Center Theater spokesman Philip Rinaldi said. Andre Bishop, head of the Lincoln Center Theater and a friend of Wasserstein, said the cause of death was lymphoma, the Associated Press reports.

Wasserstein is best known for her plays The Heidi Chronicles and The Sisters Rosensweig, which tackled complex subjects such as love, motherhood, marriage and sibling relations – often against a backdrop of feminism.

In The Heidi Chronicles, which won a Tony for best play and the Pulitzer Prize for drama in 1989, its heroine is followed on a 20-year journey during which she changes her attitudes about herself, men and other women.

Source: People

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January 30, 2006


I thought no couple could surprise me these days. I was wrong. Witness Da Brat and David Gest (ex Mr. Liza Minnelli).

Source: A Socialite's Life

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SAG Awards

Here's a list of all of last night's SAG award winners.

Overall, there were some surprises: Reese beat Felicity, Crash beat Brokeback Mountain, Eva Longoria looked like craposis, Sean Hayes won, and lawyers got thanked numerous times in acceptance speeches.

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Kristin's Sniffin'

Kristin Cavallari's tried cocaine, she reveals in the March issue of Teen People.

"It was fun for, like, 20 minutes, but the next day, I just didn't feel good about myself," she told the mag. "It's a dirty drug. I find people who do coke to be very shady, that they're doing it makes them lie about things. I wouldn't want to date someone who's into it."

Instead, she's dating drug-free Brody Jenner of "The Princes of Malibu," which she calls her "first mature relationship." "With Stephen [Colletti], it was like high school fun." That is, except for when he two-timed her with fellow "Laguna Beach" star Lauren "LC" Conrad. "I saw what happened when I watched the season-one DVD," Cavallari said. "I cried for days."

Source: MTV

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LL Back In Hospital

Lindsay Lohan went back to the hospital for the second time this month. She apparently slipped and fell in her home and ended up needing stitches in her shin. Poor girl sure ends up in the hospital more than anyone else in Hollywood. Dina Lohan said:

“Lindsay was going up the stairs, carrying a ceramic teacup,” Dina Lohan told Star. “She had just come out of the shower, so she was still wet and had some lotion on, and she completely flipped on the stairs. … The teacup went flying, it was shattered and one of the pieces cut Lindsay on her shin.”

Source: Popsugar

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Chandler's Back

Former "Friends" star Matthew Perry is re turning to NBC.

Perry will join D.L. Hughley and Steven Weber in an untitled drama set behind the scenes at a fictional long-running sketch-comedy series in the mold of "Saturday Night Live." Perry will play a genius comic writer who was forced from the sketch show after a dispute with the network. Weber will play the network's ambitious chairman and Hughley one of the sketch show's stars.

Written by Aaron Sorkin, the drama ignited a bidding war between CBS and NBC — which reportedly paid over $3 million for the pilot.

Source: New York Post

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Gwynnie Needs $

Actress Gwyneth Paltrow signed to become a spokesmodel for cosmetics company Estee Lauder, because she was desperate for cash.

The star shocked fans when she agreed to front a high profile advertising campaign, but she insists it was her first paycheck in three years.

She says, "I'll tell you why. I basically stopped making money from acting in 2002. All the things I've done since then have been things I've really wanted to do and I have not made money from them."

Source: Female First

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Bloggers Tend to Have Oscar Edge

Traditional media film critics have attacked bloggers who dare to predict Oscar nominees. LA Times columnist Patrick Goldstein once wrote "we've become a nation of handicappers," and, "it's not just an insult to the Oscars, but to the people who make the movies too."

With Oscar noms only days away, TMZ reviewed the 2005 Oscar nom track records of USA Today, Us Weekly, the Associated Press and Variety, against Oscarcentral.com, Oscarwatch.com, EverythingOscar.com, and TheFilmExperience.net. So who was more dead-on, respected traditional critics or their blogging counterparts?

The envelope please. Of the 25 most commonly-predicted nominees, the traditional critics got it right 21 times, the bloggers eeked out a better track record with 23.

Sasha Stone of OscarWatch.com has a theory: "Professionals tend to take bigger chances with their predictions in order to distinguish themselves from the others."

Source: TMZ

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Guy To Be Pitt's Best Man?

Guy Ritchie has agreed to be best man at Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie's wedding.

The arrangements were made during a dinner at the Locanda Locatelli in Mayfair on Wednesday night. Pitt apparently admitted that he hopes to marry Angelina as early as next month.

"All the talk was of the forthcoming nuptials," a source told the Sunday Mirror. "And then Brad said to Guy he would like him to be best man. Guy was absolutely thrilled. He thinks it's a real honor."

Source: Digital Spy

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LOTR Musical

Two days from now, the 50-odd cast members of The Lord Of The Rings stage production will don their Hobbit feet, elf ears and Orc armour for the first full-length dress rehearsal of the $27-million epic.

Two days after that, the curtain will rise at Toronto's packed-to-the-rafters Princess of Wales Theatre, and 2,000 paying audience members will be the first in the world to behold the three-hour melding of theatre, music and special effects. Though the March 23 gala opening is still more than seven weeks away, the stage adaptation of J.R.R. Tolkien's beloved trilogy kicks off preview performances Thursday night, a process that producer Kevin Wallace says is like adding fine brush strokes to a nearly complete painting.

"We expect the audiences to be thrilled by the physical production, which is fantastic and extraordinary and big," said Wallace. (He's not kidding -- the giant spider, Shelob, will stretch across the entire 40-foot stage.) "But ultimately, do they actually care about Sam and Frodo and Arwen and Aragorn and Gandalf? Are they interested in the story? Do they laugh and cry and do they go through the whole process with them?"

Source: Jam!

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More Trouble for Lyonne

An arrest warrant has been issued in New York for "American Pie" star Natasha Lyonne for missing a fourth hearing on charges she threatened to molest a dog.

Neither Lyonne, 26, nor her attorney showed up in Manhattan Criminal Court Friday, the New York Post reported Saturday. Her former roommate filed charges against the actress in 2004 claiming she trashed their apartment then picked up her pet and said: "I'm going to sexually molest your dog," the Post said.

Lyonne missed her first two court dates last summer while laid up in Beth Israel Hospital with hepatitis C, a heart infection and a collapsed lung. Sources told The Post she was allegedly using drugs and living on the streets for a time.

Source: Reality TV World

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January 27, 2006

The Place To Be

The Chateau Marmont has always been a hub of clandestine Hollywood hookups, but the windows of the famed hotel must be fogging up with all the amorous action there lately.

A spy swears Jessica Simpson took a break from partying with Kirsten Dunst the other night to disappear into Maroon 5 man-whore Adam Levine's room - and didn't emerge until the next morning.

"She was picked up by her best friend, Cacee Cobb, that morning," our snitch tattled. Simpson's rep has steadfastly shot down rumors of a romance with the skirt-chasing singer in the past.

Meanwhile, newly single Jude Law - who broke up with molten-hot Sienna Miller last week - has been spotted around the Marmont making time with a stripper he met at the nearby Body Shop, the Sunset Strip strip club famously name-checked in Motley Crue's "Girls, Girls, Girls." But a spy sniffs that Law's latest squeeze is a far cry from the beautiful Miller: "He's been going to the Body Shop strip club every night and hanging out with this nasty young brunette - she is really beat looking."

Source: New York Post

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