September 24, 2003

Daily routines are important, but

Daily routines are important, but weekly ones are as well. There are two things I do every Sunday, that I think are imperative to your overall beauty upkeep.

1) I exfoliate my face every Sunday night before I go to bed. It gets off the dead skin cells from the week and makes my skin very smooth. I've noticed an overall change in the appearance of my skin from doing this. Note: I suggest doing this at the end of the day, because I always look a bit red afterwards.

Recommended product: DDF Strawberry Almond Face and Body Polish -- It's a little pricey, but I'm still on the same bottle I've had for 3 months. A little bit goes a long way.

2) I deep clean my hair. I have very thick hair, and in order to keep it under control, I have to use a smoother, pomade, and hairspray. All of this "stuff" can build up on your hair. Because I use a milder shampoo for color-treated hair during the week, there is a need to deep clean it once a week.

Recommended product: d:fi Extreme Cleansing Shampoo -- Available at most salons. Note: do NOT use this product every day, or your hair will become stripped of its essential oil.
Costsaver Tip: Pantene makes a very similar (and cheaper) alternative called Daily Clarifying Shampoo.

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