December 28, 2005

Desperate Times Call For...

Sean Lennon is determined to kick off the New Year with a new girlfriend - and he's asking the New York Post to help him find one.

"Any girl who is interested must simply be born female and between the ages of 18 and 45," John Lennon's singer/songwriter son, 30, told them. "They must have an IQ above 130 and they must be honest. They must not have any clinical, psychological disorders . . . and a kind heart. Clearly beautiful - but beauty on the inside is more important - but no deformities, third legs, fifth nipples . . . I'm completely alone and I'm completely miserable. So please send your request to [Page Six]."

Source: New York Post

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1 "no deformities, third legs, fifth nipples" - you've got to be kidding me. Has this dude seen his own eyebrows?

Posted by: Amanda at December 28, 2005 07:56 AM (h/JAR)

2 Damn, I guess that nipple growing on my cheek counts me out.

Posted by: at December 28, 2005 10:53 AM (MuC5c)

3 He should get an extreme make over first.

Posted by: Latoria at December 28, 2005 01:22 PM (QDMbN)

4 I am not applying but damn he sure look like his parents. Uncanny.

Posted by: Donna Cirwithen at December 28, 2005 01:47 PM (M7kiy)

5 Well, a shave and a hair cut couldn't hurt him for starters....

Posted by: DIANNE at December 28, 2005 02:20 PM (ywZa8)

6 bless his heart....wish i was thirty years younger...

Posted by: lane kane at December 28, 2005 03:04 PM (6krEN)

7 I think this must be a joke

Posted by: Patsy at December 28, 2005 03:14 PM (6krEN)

8 I fit the description...where do I sign up? I am serious.

Posted by: Logan at December 28, 2005 03:41 PM (ywZa8)

9 He is a beautiful person I would love to meet him.

Posted by: Eileen Augello at December 28, 2005 03:47 PM (ywZa8)

10 this guy is so desirable for a girlfriend...OMG... the more he look for one, the more he won't find one... go with the flow SEAN!!!

Posted by: Moon at December 28, 2005 03:51 PM (mBxmX)

11 I am 43, not miserable, not an IQ of 130, but smarter than the average bear. I am a small business owner. I clean up nicely and do not embarrass the people I am around. Although not musically talented, I perform in community theater and an improv troupe. I understand being surrounded by people and feeling alone. Hope to hear from you soon.

Posted by: Dee Anna Clark at December 28, 2005 04:07 PM (9uCY+)

12 And how do we know you have an IQ of 130 or above, no fifth nipple, no deformities and/or no clinical or psychological disorders? I think I much preferred your Dad. He was realistic.

Posted by: Sundown at December 28, 2005 05:09 PM (6krEN)

13 Maybe you are alone for a reason. If you don't want any freaks, then try not looking like one. Shave the neck! Scarry! You have a beautiful face, why are you hiding it?

Posted by: Kate at December 28, 2005 05:20 PM (6mUkl)

14 Sean, if you knew how to find inner beauty, you wouldn't be miserable. You would exude what other people want. Perhaps you should find your own, before you lunch on someone else's.

Posted by: Kate at December 28, 2005 05:23 PM (6mUkl)

15 really need to get out more. Try a yoga class .get moving

Posted by: zenbones at December 28, 2005 06:32 PM (6krEN)

16 He looks like he needs a bath.

Posted by: Meg at December 28, 2005 07:04 PM (6krEN)

17 Just love you're self and the right girl will come you're way....

Posted by: Jennie at December 28, 2005 07:27 PM (C/rW9)

18 I hope you find someone who measures up to your expections. Happy New Year

Posted by: Janet at December 28, 2005 07:44 PM (6mUkl)

19 Damn! This is pitiful!! I wonder what his IQ is? Please, this has got to be a attention getter if I ever saw one!! What kind of dope is HE on?

Posted by: carol at December 28, 2005 07:57 PM (M7kiy)

20 I thought Sean was gay. He sure seems like it to me. If that's the case... I'm available, Sean, but you'll have to come to L.A. Peace. jd

Posted by: John at December 28, 2005 08:06 PM (6krEN)

21 Sean, Stop looking so hard on the outside for someone to make you happy. You must look inside yourself for that spark of life which will attract someone to you. In other words, be happy alone and maybe you will find someone to share your space. Oh, and ...get a haircut and a shave!

Posted by: Sal at December 28, 2005 08:34 PM (Lj1Za)

22 Well lets see iq above 130 ..would that be degreess...? oh wait im depressed count me out. Oh and you may want to invest in a mirror...a comb some gel...wait lets just start with a shower

Posted by: kelly at December 28, 2005 09:02 PM (TS1r6)

23 Sean,this is NOT the way you want to meet a girl. You will find her, love takes time, not want patient! Peace.

Posted by: Mel at December 28, 2005 09:54 PM (M7kiy)

24 This made me crack up.. but good luck to him.

Posted by: blair at December 28, 2005 10:59 PM (6krEN)

25 What the fuck? No wonder he is lonely, if you can find a beautiful female with no personality or character defects with a genius IQ, I can guarantee that she would not want to spend time with a geeky, trust fund, mama's boy. Get a freekin life, you freekin moron!

Posted by: Mindnoise at December 28, 2005 11:45 PM (M7kiy)

26 no deformaties or clinical or psych disorders? This comming from the boy who was raised by the look at your inner beauty hippies. What an arse,is his mother a psych disorder on her own? And major baggage. Would she approve? I'm sure a boy who saw his father shot has no hangups, and if he doesn't , that would strike me as odd. Good Luck Sean you think way too much of yourself,go live off dad some more. And by the way give Julian the inheritance he deserves, you both had the same father, why should you and that crazy lady get it all?

Posted by: doug at December 29, 2005 12:24 AM (ywZa8)

27 And get Yoko as a mother-in-law??? No thanks!

Posted by: jc at December 29, 2005 03:13 AM (6mUkl)

28 Oh Sean ~ What does Mom say about all of this? This is a classic way of 'Lookin' for love in all the wrong places' ~ Your 'standards' could be misconstrued as insulting to others. Especially, the Handicapped/Physically Challenged. I'm 3 years too old for what you are looking for and no deformities, BUT~ World Traveled, IQ is way up there - Past 130 -I qualify for Mensa - I'm honest (make a habit out of that) and I try to be kind. I'm also married. So, that takes care of that! What you've done sweetie is open the door up for any gold diggers, fame hunters and wanna be's. I would think about retracting your Advers from the Times and blow it off and say it was a joke. This could lead you into sooooo many problems than the one's you 'think' that you have now. If you want someone to talk to or just a friend - E me. Psychologically speaking, the majority of us don't go about looking for someone to share a life with in this manner. Don't think it will work, especially with the notority of your late Father whom I just adored. You will get responses, I believe, from people who won't be interested in who 'you' are, but from individual's who will be able to say - "I met John Lennon's Son." Not cool. Don't you think? Give this a second thought about what you are doing and my creed was always - 'When you are the least bit interested in meeting someone and just go about doing your own thing - The right person always comes along when you least expect it.' Best to you, Sean. I am willing to correspond with you - but that's as far as it can go and I'm a great listener and a loyal friend. I think right now, that's what you may possibly be looking for - a decent friend. Take a good look around you, Sean. People are really suffering out there in the real world and you have many advantages to make a difference in other's lives. I just don't get the totally miserable part - Get involved with other's, lend a helping hand, do something worth while - and that should help solve your problem of misery. How in the world, with someone of your background and all the avenue's that are open to you, be miserable? I really do think you need someone to talk this situation out with, Sean. May God Bless you and give you a new perspective on Life in the New Year that is approaching us all.

Posted by: Dee Dee at December 29, 2005 06:49 AM (ywZa8)

29 Big time freak!

Posted by: patti at December 29, 2005 07:30 AM (6krEN)

30 do what makes you happy and trust the process.let go and live it like its you last will be surprized at what can happen.blessings my dear

Posted by: belle at December 29, 2005 08:29 AM (9PokQ)

31 Whatever happened to Bridget Fonda? Wonder how she feels about it all. Sean has a penchant for women far older than he - even 20 years! I'm sure this is a stunt ... and I agree with whoever said they prefer his dad. Yes, John was real. Sean might have been, if John had lived. Sad.

Posted by: maddalen at December 29, 2005 09:29 AM (Vt7YI)

32 ps Where's Julian? He's hot, too, and doesn't have a wackola mom.

Posted by: maddalen at December 29, 2005 09:30 AM (Vt7YI)

33 my dear sean lennon: you have too much time on your hands. i don't think you're weird. as you can see from the comments made about your ad people can be cruel. i believe you have so much love to give - it must be channelled in the right direction. perhaps your fame and good fortune have left you feeling empty. our lives must have meaning and purpose. we must have a reason to get up in the morning. i'm sorry you feel so sad. i wish you love. i hope you find happiness. pray.

Posted by: seasons at December 29, 2005 10:23 AM (6krEN)

34 Hi Jean, I have felt what you feel now, If I was sitting in a room full of people...I still felt alone. I felt like I really had no true connection at all, I was just acting like these people to not be alone. I finally found someone that was exactly what I was looking for. It was accidental, we were totally opposites, but now I can't live with out him. You will find love when and where you least expect it. Be yourself and get ready for love. Have a Happy Blessed New Year!

Posted by: joy at December 29, 2005 11:05 AM (6krEN)

35 Hey Sean Sorry that you feel so empty and alone but I agree with the many others that say you need to love yourself first then love will find you! And I also agree with others that say maybe you should try to volunteer with a group helping others ie: special olympics is very rewarding and the love abounds from the participants oh yeah thats right no deformities what a shame a man such as your father who seemed to love anyone and everyone has a son that assumes he is not deformed at all, good luck on your venture but be wary of those that apply they too are not real.

Posted by: betsy at December 29, 2005 11:55 AM (Q6F6B)

36 Sean, Not sure why I'm writing, probably because I feel your pain and loniliness, it can be cruel world out there. I am 30, a single mother of 2. I am hard working and my first goal in life is to give my children the best education I can possibly provide. Family is what is most important to me. If up to it e-mail me back and go from there, strong believer in friends first.

Posted by: erin at December 29, 2005 01:23 PM (M7kiy)

37 When you are alone there is always someone for everyone ELSE but you. The holidays are unbearable. Eating alone is uncomfortable; and no one seems to have that common link (laugh at the scenes in movies that only you get),( enjoy thunder storms)(find enchantment in simple things.) SO MANY people told me it would come in time, maybe my expectations were too high. Amazing, beautiful people crossed my path but there was always something missing(usually vices or lack of being simply considerate.) Anyway, after a few years and many times saying, "is there anyone normal anymore?" I said, "I GIVE UP!" Two months later... he found me. I cant explain it, but its true. We complete each others sentences and you just know that this is the one you will be growing old with. Hold out till you find her,(or she finds you) you will know when you do. (Oh, and dont let Mom butt in!!!)

Posted by: CJ at December 29, 2005 02:58 PM (M7kiy)

38 This is really quite sad. A guy with the background and notoriety that Sean has could do so much with newspaper ads. Try getting involved with the world,not just yourself and you will find a good woman. But get over yourself,you will not find a beautiful,genius with no psychological problems. They don't exist. You have to learn to see a person for what they are,not what you see. I'd like to think that's what John did with Yoko.

Posted by: Elizabeth at December 29, 2005 03:10 PM (M7kiy)

39 I agree with some of the comments posted here, but the majority are ridiculous and just plain pathetic. Many people (thousands, even millions) use personal ads or internet sites to meet that special someone. If ads and the internet didn't work then they wouldn't exist today. I say, do what you want without hurting others. The woman that meets your standards is out there, it's just a matter of time before you find her. I firmly believe that everyone has a perfect match, some people are just lucky enough to find that person sooner rather than later. Good luck with your search and I hope you find Mrs. Right.

Posted by: Erika J. at December 29, 2005 04:00 PM (OeWDR)

40 could make for an interesting reality show. Make a buck off those who exploit meeting you.

Posted by: Barb J at December 29, 2005 04:42 PM (6krEN)

41 What can you do when your "crippled inside"?

Posted by: BeeBop at December 29, 2005 05:04 PM (ywZa8)


Posted by: CAROL at December 29, 2005 05:33 PM (1HorL)

43 You will only end up with someone who looks like your mom, if you continue to look like you do. Then, you'll run around singing HELP! and "CAN'T BUY ME LOVE" and "GIRL". "How do you sleep at night?" or "Gimme Some Truth."

Posted by: JG at December 29, 2005 05:57 PM (q+pXj)

44 I believe that being miserable comes from inside the heart.What you seek can only be found inside the soul.maybe somewhere in your life time your needs were not met.I feel you are seeking something you can only find within yourself.Where is your truth?and you want to find it in someone else?The truth is no fat chicks,no disabled bodies,no uglies...You set high standards and I feel you have a critical side because you are critical of yourself. This is my reading to you just from your picture and I only will speak what is from my heart and what the angels are saying....I feel you have a block around your are closed half way and dont really know what you want.You are more introverted and have gilt about your decisions and a fear that you will be alone.One can only find true love is when YOu except yourself for ALL that you are and what you stand for.You like delicate woman and you have a friend named Jim.You have a passion for things .You have anger inside your heart that blackens and clouds the love you feel for people,You have a tendecy to gain weight around your middle.This is why you prefer woman who are slight and petite,you wouldn't want them to be a mirror image of yourself.You like tea and no I didnt do a google search on like the truth but you yourself need to speak it.Either you like Cherries or you had a girlfriend named cherry(sherry). When you find yourself you will be connected to everyone.Right now you are disconnected and you are doubting everything you believe.Listen to what your angels are saying...who's nammy? grandmother?Oh by the way woman dont like long fingernails.Keep you nails short and stop living up to everyone else's expectations. Be kind to yourself and give yourself a big hug. Amongst all fo this you have a very bright spot in your have a tendancy to be positive and you like the proverbs.Your smile is hidden.I dont believe you are desperate for a girlfriend.You down play yourself and you KNOW you could of picked a better picture of yourself.... Please dont take this with cruel's a just a reading of your picture. In the end of it all we are all one.Striving for all the same things really. Love,trust,understanding,admiration,success,money and unconditional love. It's not about who you came who you've become. I wish for you peace of mind,comfort and love. oh and Happy nude rear 2006!!!!! warmth and light, Cushy p.s.I DO have a wonderful ,fun loving wild spirited friend who will knock you off your sock and you will never know what the hell hit you the way

Posted by: Cushy Bushy at December 29, 2005 06:38 PM (d7BC6)

45 If Sean is anything like his partents hes amazing. Good luck with your search, and the new year. PeAcE!!!!

Posted by: Heidi at December 29, 2005 09:38 PM (ed/8N)

46 Well is it that easy to shop around. To bad they dont have catalogs to find a person to share our lives with. Because, if it were that easy I'll take... A man who thinks with his brain. He doesn't have to be hot but he can not look like he was hit with the ugly stick. He has to know what a book is(and how to read it). Must love all types of music and movies. hehe oh an one more thing he must remember all imoprtant events like birthday's and holiday's. Can he be delivered by Feb 14?

Posted by: Aj at December 29, 2005 11:19 PM (9IupI)

47 He should sooo be the next Bachelor! That would be fun times!

Posted by: Mel at December 29, 2005 11:20 PM (MuC5c)

48 Most of these comments are so mean spirited. I was just curious, as unfortunately although in his age range it would be wrong. Why so much speculation about someone you do not know? Good luck to you, Sean. Please be careful.

Posted by: at December 30, 2005 02:35 AM (6krEN)

49 What does ur mom think?

Posted by: marsha at December 30, 2005 05:35 AM (ywZa8)

50 I'm completly alone,and I'm completly miserable, to me is somewhat of an overstatement;or not altogether,completly true,when these are to be seen as being something being experienced by you,which in itself isn't describing "you".Making that distinction may curb your being so intent on saying this is what you are.It may have been your experience for some time,and something of an internal environment where we pick-up on any number of feelings,and as I put it,try'em on for a time. If it can be seen as an internal environment in which we do a great deal of living,and in fact we have a thought life,and a life of feelings,and there's that in which we do,living in this world of ours.We think;feel, and do,pretty much sums up our lot in life,and I understand what you're feeling can't be comfortable,but you've got options I think;if you're looking to change how it is you're feeling.Here again;We Think;Feel,and Do. So if you're looking to change how it is you're Feeling,there's that of Thinking,and Doing differently that may contribute to possibly experiencing something a little more comfortable,in terms of what it is you're capable of feeling,when you choose to do so. In the mean time,I hope the companionship to be a compatable one.I suspect the names and numbers will amount to that of a phone book,and descriptive,to the amount of a lot of reading material. Enjoy the moments of that time spent,and who there may be that draws your attention. I always enjoyed hearing about how your Mom,and Dad came to be aquainted,and the time taken to realize,there was something there,and worth pursuing. Hope you find some elements of contentment in your pursuits. John

Posted by: John at December 30, 2005 05:36 AM (6krEN)

51 Can't buy me love...pretty pathetic.

Posted by: Sherri at December 30, 2005 06:28 AM (foUqF)

52 Sean~ I am a mother of a 30 yr old son and just like you he is miserable. He is lonely and wants a companion so much. The truth behind finding someone is just to be yourself and someone will come along. Just make sure that when you do find that certain someone love them and you would want them to love you, respect them the same. Love will come in time. I feel so bad for my son as well as I do for you. Loneliness is a terrible feeling, I know this because I have been there. I will pray for you both that you will find love, happiness and peace in your lives. It hurts me tremendously to see the both of you like this. I would love to hear from you when you do find the love of your life, maybe my son will have found that special someone as well. I wish you all the luck. Take Care! P.S. And all you people out there that are bashing his mother, leave her alone I am sure she loves her son just as much as you do yours. And for the record Sean, you are a very nice looking man just the way you are, ignore the people that are so cruel.

Posted by: Terry at December 30, 2005 06:31 AM (M7kiy)

53 Just remember that when you marry, you marry the WHOLE family...and that means a heapin' dose of Yoko.

Posted by: Karen at December 30, 2005 10:14 AM (6mUkl)

54 Hey Sean, I'm a child of the 70's. Let's hook up and hang out. I just moved here from the desert, we could swap stories. Hit my link to check out my info!

Posted by: Stacy at January 01, 2006 10:41 PM (u6yZ5)

55 Hey Sean, look no further. I am young, ambitious, about to graduate from college and also miserable for a good time. Let me know if I can help.

Posted by: Leslee at January 03, 2006 10:56 PM (ywZa8)

56 This story was pretty funny. I never thought Sean Lennon of all people would have any trouble getting a girlfriend. I'd just lower the IQ requirements if I were him. Anyway, he's a good musician.

Posted by: Andrew at January 26, 2006 12:19 PM (pQHRj)

57 what sean wrote the song?? another weird al poem woman Woman I can hardly except some kind of deformed body, After all I'm forever in your debt And woman , try to increase your IQ, My fearful feelings and nippless For showing me the meaning of paraiod ! Ooh, well, well Doo, doo, doo, doo, doo Ooh, well, well Doo, doo, doo, doo, doo Woman ,I know you so depress The little child inside of the man is my deformed secret part of the world And woman, are you young or old? However distant don't keep us apart After all it is written on the trash can! Ooh, well, well Doo, doo, doo, doo, doo Ooh, well, well Doo, doo, doo, doo, doo Well Woman please let me explain I never meant to want you having fifth nipple, So let me tell you again and again and again I m looking for you, yeah, yeah Now and forever if ever.... I love you, yeah, yeah Now and forever or never.... I love you, yeah, yeah Now and forever I love you, yeah, yeah

Posted by: paul at January 29, 2006 08:32 AM (Ffvoi)

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