September 22, 2006

Happy Friday, Everyone!

--It's no longer a secret: Kate Hudson and Owen Wilson are definitely out and about and having a fun time together. On Sunday, Wilson visited Hudson and pals at her Pacific Palisades, Calif. house. Then, later that evening, the two shared a patio booth at the Polo Lounge in the Beverly Hills Hotel, where they ordered drinks and, at one point, requested that a bamboo divider be placed around their table for privacy.

--Princeton is the latest Ivy League school to drop early admissions. Early admissions programs have been criticized for benefiting upper-income students who can afford to make the early commitment without regard to financial aid and who already have an advantage over lower-income rivals when it comes to applying to elite schools.

--“I think that blogs should die a sudden death. It’s just ridiculous. It’s like a playground for four-year-olds. People say and do things in the world of blgos that they would never do in real life, and I think it’s a false experience…The blog is yesterday’s parachute pants. It’s here now but it’s gone tomorrow.”
--Jared Leto

--Paris Hilton could avoid a driving ban if a sympathetic Los Angeles rehab center gets its way. Hilton is set to be sentenced to an Alcoholics Anonymous program by a court when she appears to answer Drunk Driving charges next month. But Hilton has been invited to attend alcohol abuse counselling by a new clinic set up by Marc Kern, which promotes moderation instead of abstinence.

--Seth Meyers gets the plum job of "Weekend Update" anchor next to Amy Poehler in a newly streamlined "Saturday Night Live" this season, the show's creator and executive producer, Lorne Michaels, said on Thursday.

--Ted Turner lost control of CNN and his stake in Time Warner, but the 67-year- old philanthropist is making a new fortune with Ted's Montana Grill, specializing in bison burgers and steaks. He opened his 42nd grill yesterday in the Time Life Building, where he used to work, and plans to open 15 each year. Turner is the largest landowner in America, "as far as acres are concerned, but all my acres together aren't worth as much as the 20 acres of Rockfeller Center," he told Page Six. And Turner said he's by no means the only rancher raising buffalo: "Out of 300,000 bison in the country, I've got about 45,000."

--The average American home now has more television sets than people. That threshold was crossed within the past two years, according to Nielsen Media Research. There are 2.73 TV sets in the typical home and 2.55 people, the researchers said.

--Tiger Woods said Wednesday he was outraged that an Irish magazine and tabloid linked photos of his wife, Elin Nordegren, to pornographic Web sites, and his agent is debating whether to sue, the Associated Press reports.

--Um, what the hell happened to Scott Speedman? He looks like Teen Wolf!

--Clooney back with Zelwegger?

--Prosecutors charged actor Lou Diamond Phillips on Thursday with domestic battery in connection with an incident last month involving his live-in girlfriend.

--Jilted exes Shar Jackson and Marcia O'Brien (who was dumped while pregnant by skating star Lloyd Eisler for Kristy Swanson) shared their tales of marital breakdown on the "The Dr. Keith Ablow Show." O'Brien was pregnant with the couple's second child when she found out about her husband's second stint of infidelity, though Eisler claims her was not having an affair with the Swanson while partnered with her on "Skating." O'Brien tells Ablow his claims are unfounded, calling them, "A complete lie. I have emails which he sent me where he admits to when they started sleeping together, how many times they had slept together. I went through a series of STD testing given the fact that I was pregnant."

--Fergie showed the little kiddies @ TRL a little bra action:

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1 Great quote from Jared Leto.

Posted by: lynne at September 22, 2006 06:13 PM (UBxzY)

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Posted by: Elaine at September 23, 2006 06:47 AM (Lbd2o)

3 at least she is wearing a bra.....

Posted by: n at September 27, 2006 05:55 PM (tAcpL)

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