September 25, 2003

I have a friend that

I have a friend that works in the magazine industry in New York. In an effort to keep me cool (knowing that I'm in Indiana and fashion and coolness arrives here 3 years late), she gave me a head's up regarding new slang being spoken in NYC. I thought I'd share with you:

Pricey; short for "expensive." (Sure I like that place, but it's kinda spenny.)

Obnoxious party-invite acronyms, as in No Ugly Men, Please/No Ugly Women, Thanks.

Stalking someone via e-mail.

A hiatus from guys. (Thanks, but no thanks. I'm kind of on guyatus.)

Self-Centered Urban Male. Know any?

Someone who looks really attractive from 50 feet away. Closer examination reveals ...
(Flashback to the movie Clueless, where Cher says, "she's such a Monet.") Similar concept.

Now I can stop using words like "bling bling" and "flossin'."

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