October 18, 2006

It's a Twinkie-less World After All

--Nicky Hilton and Entourage star Kevin Connolly are no longer a couple.

--Britney Spears is set to follow in her idol Madonna's footsteps and adopt an African child, it has been reported. The 'Toxic' singer - who has two sons, Sean Preston and Sutton Pierce, with husband Kevin Federline - has been inspired by Madonna's recent trip to Malawi to adopt a 13-month-old African boy, called David Banda. Britney is now looking into the possibility of welcoming a disadvantaged child into her own family. A source said: "Britney has always been inspired by Madonna - both musically and by the way she lives her life and conducts herself. "She really admires what Madonna is doing at the moment and adopting is something which she could see herself doing one day. She wants to have a large family."

--This is one "bad guy" role that Wesley Snipes doesn't want. In a federal indictment unsealed Tuesday, prosecutors hit Snipes, the prolific actor and movie producer, with eight counts of tax fraud. According to the indictment, Snipes allegedly not only avoided paying millions in income taxes from 1999 through 2004, but he fraudulently tried to get an $11 million refund for taxes paid in the 1990s. (As of this morning, they can't find him to arrest him...)

--Disney bans junk food at its theme parks. (Boo...ban the bad parents who let their kids eat too much, not the junk food. Visiting Disney World was about getting to do all the fun stuff you can't do at home--including eating junk food and exotic things you don't get at home. Aside from lots of cotton candy, I recall having my first escargot in "France" at Epcot).

--Mary-Kate Olsen has found love again. The 20-year-old mogul has been single for about a year — ever since Paris Hilton swiped her last sweetie, shipping heir Stavros Niarchos — but for about a month, Olsen has been quietly dating oil heir Maxwell Snow, according to Star magazine. Snow, who hails from Texas’ de Menil oil family, also happens to be Uma Thurman’s nephew — the son of her older half-sister, Taya Thurman.

--Australian actress Naomi Watts has reportedly been offered the lead role in the remake of Alfred Hitchcock's 1963 horror classic The Birds. Armageddon director Michael Bay's company will produce the new version of the film. She would play the role of Melanie Daniels, which was played by Tippi Hedren, in the original, according to moviehole.net. The script is being re-worked by Leslie Dixon, who updated The Thomas Crown Affair for Pierce Brosnan and Rene Russo in 1999. The movie features a wealthy San Francisco socialite who follows a potential boyfriend to a small Northern California town where birds suddenly begin to launch vicious attacks on people. (Anyone who knows me well knows this infuriates me. Leave the classics ALONE--especially the Alfred Hitchcock masterpieces. He was a genius, and you can't re-create that. As if the Psycho remake wasn't bad enough! Alfie is rolling over in his grave...)

--Mike Tyson said fans should not expect much of a fight when he steps back into the ring. But the 40-year-old former heavyweight champ promised an entertaining show Friday night when he launches the "Mike Tyson's World Tour" in Youngstown. At a news conference at an Italian restaurant, Tyson said he would likely go just four rounds and that future stops on the tour might include bouts with women, possibly professional boxer Ann Wolfe.

--This campaign has already bo(red) me.

--The Rev. Al Sharpton has a new cause. His camp plans to fund a lawsuit on behalf of comic Chris Rock's mother, Rose Rock, against the Southern food chain Cracker Barrel. Mama Rock claims she and her daughter were denied service at the country-style eatery near Myrtle Beach, S.C. Though a spokesperson for Cracker Barrel tells us, "We do not tolerate any form of discrimination," maybe they should have responded to Sharpton sooner. The suit will be announced today during a demonstration outside the eatery. (Um, discrimination of any kind is awful, and if it occurred, I hope the restaurant pays dearly. That aside, anyone else find a small bit of humor/irony in the fact that it's a suit against "Cracker" Barrel?)

--Jack Osbourne has launched a verbal attack on singer Aaron Carter, branding him an "irritating little b*****d". The son of Ozzy Osbourne hit out at Carter's TV show, House of Carters, claiming his attitude to life and his career. "I would gladly kick the s**t out of Aaron Carter," he commented. "He's this skinny little white guy from Florida who acts like a big shot, black hip-hop guy from Compton. There's loads of footage on the show of him screaming his head of at his manager, and I can honestly say that I've never seen such an irritating little b*****d." (Take a number, Jack...)

--Tiger Woods got ambushed by an evangelical guest of Nike on Oct. 9 during an exclusive golf outing for top business and entertainment executives. According to our spy, 30 people - including Clear Channel Radio CEO Mark Mays, Louis Vuitton North America chief Daniel LaLonde and Details magazine editor Daniel Peres - gathered at the Trump golf course in Los Angeles for the 2006 "Tee It Up With Tiger Woods" event, which included a private golf session and lunch with the living legend. "During the lunch, there was a Q&A session with Woods, and most people were asking about their swings or golf questions," our source said. "Until some guy - a guest of Nike - stood up and said, 'Have you accepted Jesus as your Lord and Savior? And if not, prayfully, would you?' " The source added, "You could have heard a pin drop. People were mortified. But Tiger was as unflappable as he is on the golf course and responded, 'My father was a Christian - of course Christianity was part of my life - but my mother is Asian and Buddhism was also part of my childhood, so I practice both faiths respectfully.' "

--Katie, err, Kate is looking good. Whatever exercise regime Tom has her chained to is working. Can't say I like the cut of the pant though. If they were jeans, they'd be Mom Jeans.

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1 Good post today Lawren! -I went to Disney World about 8 years ago and was disappointed in the food and how hard it was to get into a place to eat. Disney should be a BUFFET of great food. -I hope the alleged incident at Cracker Barrel was more of a misunderstanding but yeah...I kind of smirked over the "cracker" part too. Do you think there'd have been a 'suit if this had happened at the Black Eyed Pea? Just wonderin'... -Not sure where Jack O. gets off attacking Aaron Carter but he sure hit the nail on the head. -Tiger is COOL.

Posted by: Nanc' at October 18, 2006 08:22 AM (Ailrt)

2 I hate to break it to Chris Rock's mom, but Cracker Barrel service in general just sucks - regardless of color. Here's my suggestion - Just don't eat there! And on Kate's pants - she *is* a mom, so doesn't that make them mom pants anyway?

Posted by: Tracy at October 18, 2006 10:01 AM (Kx7+Q)

3 Kate looks great. Mary-kate needs to cut that hair!

Posted by: lynne at October 19, 2006 07:30 AM (f9tTR)

4 Is there someone in Africa I can contact to keep Britney from adopting?

Posted by: Rori at October 19, 2006 11:00 PM (7UKkv)

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