December 29, 2005

Jess Buys New House

Jessica Simpson is moving on – literally.

Less than two weeks after filing for divorce in Los Angeles Superior Court on Dec. 16, Simpson has begun her new life – by purchasing a $3 million Beverly Hills home and moving in.

"She's happy to have a house that's hers," someone close to the pop star said. "This is the first time she's making her own decisions." Among them: keeping the divorce proceedings as quiet as possible by requesting the case be assigned to a private judge and not aired in open court.

Source: People

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1 I just refuse to believe she's making any of "her own" decisions. She never has and as long as Papa Simpson has a stake in his daughter's success, he'll always be the #1 influence. This reminds me of that line in Coal Miner's Daughter when Doolittle says to Loretta, "You have to decide if you're his daughter or my wife." Yep.

Posted by: Stacy at December 30, 2005 07:33 AM (8KYh5)

2 I agree with Stacy's post! From what I've read all over the place that seems to be the general consences. Jessica also looks like she has had facial changes, with the fuller lips and stoic face like she was given bad Botox treatments. It was very obvious Joe didn't care for Nick by comments, actons, facial expression towards Nick, that were so negative I didn't even want to watch their show when he was on there. He always seemed to think Jessica could do no wrong, and Nick wasn't right from the begining. Her parent's did Jessica a great disservice by not teaching her the basics of daily life. Cooking, cleaning, helping with making her home a home. Instead we saw Nick and Drew doing all of the labor as she sat and read magazines, shopped or went out with her family or friends. Her beautiy, figure and voice won't always be there, But the love of a good, hardworking man would be, especialy if her dad treated her like a daughter, over 21 and a married woman that took vows to honor and cherish until death do they part. Nick is very talented too and may be better with someone else. But if his glancing stares at Jessica of adoration and pride weren't real, then truely he's a good actor that won't be out of work for years to come.

Posted by: Chris Murphy at January 21, 2006 02:40 AM (y6n8O)

3 I'm very curious as to how or who helped Jessica find and finance a new home so soon after filing for divorce. I've never been able to find a house I was willing to spend a fortune on in less than one month, with my husbands help, little less alone and supposedly distraught over an impending divorce. And she's happy to be on her own? She's not! Her family is just a hop, skip and a jump over and there quite often. Also her bestfriend /assistant Cacee and dog Daisy and who ever she hired to do the work celebrities don't do. The only reason I can really think of to be so quick to buy a house and be alone is that someone is waiting to keep her company, but feeling too guilty to have stayed in her marital home until it sold. Also very concerned why she (Her Dad) doesn't want to pay any spousal support unless that would take way from her family support as her management and support team. Probably isn't fair to make those assumptions,but it just seems awfull fishey.

Posted by: Chris Murphy at January 21, 2006 03:12 AM (y6n8O)

4 I think she is great and fully capable of making her own decisions. Although i do see your points Re: her controlling father.

Posted by: Lohan at February 20, 2006 05:48 PM (rmPSV)

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