September 13, 2006

KFed Welcomes Child #4

--Britney Spears and Kevin Federline have welcomed their second son together. The baby boy, who was born just before 2 a.m. Tuesday at a Los Angeles hospital, was delivered via a scheduled C-section.

--Oscar- and Emmy-nominated actor James Cromwell (“Babe,” “Six Feet Under”) and Emmy Award-winning actor Eddie Izzard (“Dress to Kill,” “My Super Ex-Girlfriend”) join the season six cast of 24.

--The death of Anna Nicole Smith's 20-year-old son, Daniel, in the Bahamas Sunday was not due to natural causes. "The cause of death is not natural," Her Majesty's Coroner Linda P. Virgill said. "However, we wish to reserve the cause of death at this time pending the toxicologist examination and report for confirmation of cause of death. Friday is the likely release date for the autopsy and toxicology report."

--Last Monday Seattle resident Jason Fortuny carried out a thought experiment into reality -- one I think anyone who has surfed Craigslist sex ads has entertained. He took a hardcore Women Seeking Men ad from another city and reposted it to see how many replies he could get in 24 hours. Then he published every single response -- photos, emails, IM info, phone numbers, names, everything, to a public wiki. Then they went public on Jason's LiveJournal page calling it The Craigslist Experiment, inviting readers to identify the CL ad's responders and add more info.

--A yellow Lamborghini reportedly owned by Terry G. Bollea, better known as Hulk Hogan, caught fire Saturday on Bay Harbor Islands. There were no injuries reported. Information was sketchy about the circumstances leading to Hogan's expensive car catching fire along the 96th Street causeway. The extent of damage to the VT model is unknown. Why do I have a feeling his son, Nick, was involved?

--""I think every once in a while, a very, very young person who is burning both ends of the candle needs to have somebody say, `You know, you're going to pay the piper, you better slow down."-- Jane Fonda on the public criticism of Lindsay Lohan.

--" "I didn't mind when I was on the way down, 'cause I always knew I was gonna go back up. Every five or 10 years, it's your turn to get [bleep]ed seven ways from Sunday. The mistake people make is that they try to fight it. They do more publicity. Instead, I just shut my mouth and stayed away until I became a good idea again. And now I'm coming back big, like clockwork."--James Woods, on the ebb and flow of his career.

--Kitty Dukakis is about to jolt the world - with a book touting the "benefits" of shock ther apy. The wife of former Massachusetts Gover nor and presidential candidate Michael Dukakis tells in "Shock: The Healing Power of Electroconvulsive Therapy" how she battled depression for more than 20 years along with drug and alcohol abuse - until getting zapped with electricity helped her "reclaim her life."

-- Christina Aguilera has been axed from the front cover of Vibe Magazine's October edition in favor of troubled performer Bobby Brown. The star gave an interview and posed for a photo shoot for the publication as part of the publicity for her new album Back To Basics - but the feature has been shelved after new owners took over the magazine. Aguilera's piece was ditched and she was replaced by Brown. Oh HELL to the no!

--Movie veteran Jack Nicholson is reportedly being treated in a Los Angeles hospital for a mystery illness. The About Schmidt star "checked into an LA-area hospital for an infection" on Monday, a source said.

--Is it me, or does Dakota Fanning's new Teen Vogue pics make her look like Chloe Sevigny?

--Barron Trump is adorable! (And seems to be in awe of Roger Federer's tennis mastery like the rest of us!)

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1 The death of Anna Nicole's son is just flat-out bizarre!

Posted by: Iceman at September 13, 2006 07:34 AM (JHKKE)

2 -I agree with Ms. Fonda (for once) but most kids aren't going to listen. I hope Lohan lives long enough to consider the advice given. -"Barron"?? Good Lord, the Donald is full of crap but, yes, the baby is a doll as is Don's daughter.

Posted by: Nanc' at September 13, 2006 08:54 AM (Ailrt)

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