November 30, 2005

Mullet Evny

Actor Patrick Swayze is desperate to meet U2 frontman Bono, after discovering their joint love of the mullet hairstyle.

The Dirty Dancing star has long been a distant admirer of the Irish rocker, and asked a friend to arrange a meeting between the pair. And he was thrilled to discover Bono also thought they shared a connection - their passion for 1980s styling.

He says, "Bono said, 'I have issues with that guy, real serious issues.' My friend was like, 'Oh no!' and was about to skulk out of there when Bono told him, 'I read somewhere that people think Patrick Swayze invented the mullet. Someone needs to tell him I invented the mullet.' "When I heard that I went, 'Oh my God, I'm going to love him.'"

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1 I love them both.

Posted by: Donna at December 01, 2005 01:25 PM (q8QN7)

2 In what site I'm in right now. I mean who gives a fuck about Patrick Swayze or whatever his muthafuckin' name is. Leb people don't wanna hear that shit or should I say NOBODY wanna hear that shit!

Posted by: tha king at December 03, 2005 03:07 PM (QOTJH)

3 Hey yo Bono muthafucka go to hell Next time I'll see you in jail I ain't gon' bail Or neither I ain't gon' tell 'Cause I ain't no snitch like you Remeber when your punk ass caught the flu You went cryin' to your mama While I was drivin' that ol' school impala Fucku you don't deserve to be the frontman Truth is you ain't no man You a pussy Nigga help Bono and get him a cookie You a faggot you don't deserve all that dough Next time I'll see you in the club get yo ass on the flo' Show these people who you are Fo' I punch you in the jaw And wait a minute did you see that hair You look like a fuckin' hairy bear I'm dissin' you for a reason I don't like dissin' for fun You thinkin' that you Pop/R&B Big Pun Stop actin' hard Muthafuckin' retard Man this is ova I ain't no joke Fo' your punk ass gets choke FUCK U2, FUCK BONO & FUCK ERRRBODY THAT LOVES U2!! IT SHOULD BE CALLED GAY2 HAHA...

Posted by: tha king at December 04, 2005 08:00 PM (Di7yY)

4 at least Bono can speak English unlike that nigger who calls himself "tha king".

Posted by: wesdogg at December 07, 2005 08:05 AM (uWaP6)

5 Excume me wesdogg did you call me "nigger". For you information I ain't no "nigger" and secondly Bono don't know how to speak english. And third you better shut your mouth muthafuckin' wigger! You a fuckin' racist. Next time better watch how you talk faggot. Your lucky that I don't know where your punk ass lives 'cause if I did I'll just slap the taste out of your mouth!

Posted by: tha king at December 07, 2005 03:25 PM (T2hwC)

6 Hey yo this wigga wesdogg think's he's hard Yeah right his faggot ass be playin' with his toys in the backyard Wesdogg you a muthafuckin' racist so fuck you I can't stand these wiggaz that can't tell the truth You got a problem 'cause I named myself "tha king" When you step up to the club with no "bling bling" Yeah my rhymes is tight Fuckin' fag you can't fight So you better go play with your little fly kite Man I just can't take these muthafuckas dissin' for no reason This wigga wesdogg can't even last a b-ball season Yeah I keep it locked You better stay on your block Fo' your boyfriend comes and sucks your cock Haha fuck you wesdogg!! Yeah right faggot you should name your self "lil' pussy dogg". What you gon' do now bitch I dissed your punk ass. So hear this "GO FUCK YOURSELF YOU HEAR ME FUCKIN' FAG!!!!!!!!!"

Posted by: tha king at December 07, 2005 03:37 PM (T2hwC)

7 Yo "tha King" is absolutely right! Because wesdogg is dissin' people for no reaso and "tha king" didn't do shit! So this "wigger" wesdogg betta keep his mouth shut!

Posted by: Marcus at December 07, 2005 03:48 PM (T2hwC)

8 Haha you too afraid to respond back huh wesdogg? Muthafuckin' faggot I done told y'all don't ever fuck with me! Anyways Bono and wesdogg y'all two assholes can go suck a cock aight that's all I know lol... Haha bitches!!!

Posted by: tha king at December 08, 2005 06:29 PM (bksBs)

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