December 29, 2005

No Baby Gift From the Ex

Chris Klein says he won’t be sending ex-fiancee Katie Holmes a gift or a congratulatory card after her baby is born.

“No, I don’t think so,” the 26-year-old actor told AP Radio in a recent interview.

“Her and my relationship is a time in the past. And it’s a time that I’ll always look back with in fondness, but her and I have moved on, and she has a separate life and I have a separate life. And it’s better that we keep it that way.”

Source: MSNBC

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1 Katie, who? Tom Cruise' latest MOLDING project - until something better comes along.....Or when the time comes when she stands up to him - If she ever does. Why in the world does she want this guy? Here's another one who has an Ego that tops all Ego's - The interview with Matt Lauer was hideous. And I won't even 'go there' when he appeared on Oprah. What rating boosters for all concerned.....27 years old and I encourage her to runnnnnnnnn - not walk or skip - Get out of the whole thing quick! Young, dumbe, and infatuated with 'love' - Remember what she said? The part about she wanted to marry him when she was just a little girl? Grow up and get a swift get on about it. She doesn't need a make over - Tom's doing that for her - right down to Scientology. Here's someone who can't think for herself.......sad, sad, sad, but it sure did put Tom back in the lime light again, now didn't it? USER and LOSER! Again, anyone in these type of circumstances - Run as fast as you can and do not pick up the phone, accept the flowers, and the promise of the entire World. If she really did want to become an accomplished actress = Well, there goes that straight down the toilet. He wants his women barefoot and pregnant and underfoot. What a disheartening thing for Women and Young Girls in the 21st Century~~~~~~~~~~~~Gloria Steinman, where are you when we need you? lol!

Posted by: Dee Dee at December 29, 2005 08:59 AM (ywZa8)

2 Motherphuck! It is OUR relationship, not Her & I. It is SHE & I, not her & I. Maybe she wouldn't have left you for the Idiot, if you spoke english!

Posted by: Mindnoise at December 29, 2005 11:44 AM (ywZa8)

3 How scary is it to realize that after Chris, Tom was actually trading UP? LOL

Posted by: Cynde at January 01, 2006 02:14 AM (jDCWh)

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