February 22, 2009

Oscar Liveblog!

7:00—arrived at Aubrey’s fabulous Oscar party where the only man invited is Charles Shaw

7:02—learned that if you freeze Sugar-Free Jello pudding it tastes like ice cream

7:10—did I just see Mickey Rourke smoking on the red carpet? And, nice dog necklace.

7:12—I am loving Amy Adams’ necklace—but not sure it is a wise choice with that dress.

7:15—how hot (and young) does Robert Downey Jr. look?

7:19—Matthew Broderick needs to find a treadmill. He’s lookin’ a little puffy.

7:20—Natalie Portman looks fantastic. Love the hot pink.

7:26—just filled out my Oscar ballot. Hope I win some prizes!

7:32—I hope Jessica Biel is on the phone with her hairstylist telling them they are fired. And, her stylist for allowing her to wear those shoes.

7:39—Wow. Angelina and Brad are breathtaking.

7:47—please God, make the E! crew stop talking.

8:00—changed channel to watch Tim Gunn

8:04—Aubrey announced what fabulous prizes are in store for some knowledgeable party attendees

8:14—if you were in High School Musical, you should not be at the Academy Awards.

8:28—let the awards fun begin!

8:34—the opening number is HILARIOUS! Go, Hugh!

8:40—Aubrey says that Frank Langella used to date Whoopi Goldberg. Totally didn’t know that.

8:41—fire the curtain guy

8:43—BEST SUPPORTING ACTRESS: LOVE that they are bringing back so many past winners. Eva Marie Saint? I’ve loved her since North by Northwest! What the hell are the rest of them wearing? Whoopi—a dead animal. Tilda—a sack. Is Godlie’s mic cord sticking out of her cleavage?

8:48—Penelope Cruz wins!

8:53—we just played charades during the commercials. I had to act out Tropic Thunder and One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest

8:54—When did Sophia Loren turn orange?

8:57—Wow. The dude who won for Milk for screenplay looks 13 years old.

9:03—I hope Jennifer glares at Angelina. And, we get the camera cut to Brad and Angie. Fake smiles. Nice.

9:13—I’ve only missed one in the pool so far (Best Animated Short Film).


9:29—I didn’t need to see a romance montage. Waste of time.

9:32—Ben Stiller is annoying and stupid right now.

9:45--another damn montage.

10:05--I could watch musical montages all day, though.

10:10--BEST SUPPORTING ACTOR: Heath of course wins. I won't lie, though...I was secretly hoping Brolin would pull out the upset win.

10:39--came home from the party, and in pj's to watch the rest.

Later--and, it's Kate Winslet, Sean Penn (which, was a big surprise), and Slumdog Millionaire!

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1 Mills - 100% completely agree with you on Portman's dress, she looked exquisite. Also thought the same about Jessica Biel - horrible hair, and didn't like her dress either.

Posted by: L-train at February 22, 2009 09:50 PM (hYIUL)

2 Best blog post. Ever. Viva the Oscar Party!

Posted by: Aubrey at February 23, 2009 09:10 AM (g6X/D)

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