October 27, 2003

Stories like this make me

Stories like this make me sick to my stomach. The oldest boy, aged 19 was 4 feet tall and weighed 45 pounds. A previous article I read which included statements from the neighbors stated that the neighbors weren't sure whether or not to call authorities.

COME ON PEOPLE!! We live in this world together and it's our job to protect each other.

I was IM-ing with a friend a couple of weeks ago when I heard a disturbance outside my door. It was my neighbors fighting (not a rare occurrence), but this time the male sounded intoxicated and was yelling some threats. If I would have heard him hit her, I would have immediately called the police. But sometimes it's our jobs as good neighbors to step in BEFORE horrible things happen. I opened my door walked past them and looked at them, then acted like I was getting some mail. Walked back, glared at the guy, and went back in. The fighting stopped and the man left.

While I know this was a bit dangerous, and my friend expressed concern for me, you just can't let things like that go. I work for a Pro Bono project that helps battered women obtain protective orders against their batterers and many of them state their complete astonishment how their neighbors would turn the other cheek when they were getting theirs bashed in.

The poor boy in the article above is now in critical condition. He might be studying calculus right now if a neighbor had been bold enough to stop the neglect.

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