September 26, 2006

Tuesday's Tidbits

--Miss Cleo came clean. No, she didn't come clean about that fact that she has no psychic ability. She announced to Advocate magazine that she's a lesbian.

--Carmen Electra is set to add author to her resume after writing a new book revealing her sexy secrets. The model/actress has written Carmen Electra : How To Look Sexy, which is set to hit bookstores in December.

--Scrubs actress Judy Reyes is on the mend after suffering a fractured pelvis after an accidental fall.

--Recognize the guy playing Fabio? I love him. (Steve...not Fabio!)

-- "I'm going to read scripts while I'm on the road working this record," she said. "I think so many people who start off as musicians and cross over just end up playing themselves. To me, that's not a challenge whatsoever. I want to quote-unquote act." --Christina Aguilera

--Lindsay Lohan hatched a devious plan to make her ex-boyfriend Harry Morton so jealous that he'd fly back into her arms and drive her nemesis Paris Hilton crazy at the same time - but so far, the strategy hasn't worked.
On Friday, Lohan turned up at arch-rival Hilton's house for a party. The devious redhead was overheard calling Hilton's ex-love Stavros Niarchos on Saturday to ask for help in getting her revenge. According to an earwitness, Lohan told Niarchos, "No one can know I got dumped . . . You will look like a total stud, and it will drive Paris crazy [if we hang out together]."

--I used to always want to work at Ralph Lauren. This story has quite possibly made me change my mind.

--Click here to play "So You Think You Can Drive, Mel Gibson?"

--Michael Lohan, Lindsay's father, who recently found God, penned a long and "heartfelt" letter to his daughter and immediately sent it to British tabloid The Sun. Click here to read it.

--I love that Audrey is back in full force. We have very few classy beauties to look to on TV and film today. (Thanks for the tip, Aaron).

--Stephen Tyler has heaptitis C.

--David Hasselhoff lied to cops when he allegedly called 911 to report that his younger daughter attempted to commit suicide, according to his estranged wife, Pamela Bach. Police and paramedics responded to Hasselhoff''s 911 call Sunday night. Multiple police sources stated that the former "Baywatch" star reported that his younger daughter was "cut" and it was a suicide attempt. Now Pamela Bach says that her daughter never attempted suicide and that David knew it. Bach claims David used his daughter as a pawn, telling Bach, "You're going down. I'm calling the police." Bach says her daughter was scratched by the family cat .

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1 -I suspect Carmen's real secret to looking sexy has a lot to do with Dr. Plastic, pro make-up people and fake hair. There's news. -Gee, I can't imagine why Harry would have dumped Lohan. (snort) -All the media have been reporting an outbreak of bedbugs in the US lately but I still think I'll hold-off buying any R.L. for a while. -I like Audrey but I wonder if any of us will go back to "leggings" and "skinny pants". I won't.

Posted by: Nanc' at September 26, 2006 07:16 AM (Ailrt)

2 Love Audrey Hepburn but am concerned about how thin she actually was and the message that is being sent to girls. She was 5'7 and only weighed 103 pounds.

Posted by: jasper at September 26, 2006 09:27 AM (zsg8M)

3 I have a feeling Morton can do far better than ho-Han. She realizes that there are many, many women out there who are (1) more attractive than her, AND (2) have more money than her, right?

Posted by: Iceman at September 26, 2006 01:24 PM (JHKKE)

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