August 30, 2003

Welcome friends, loved ones, and

Welcome friends, loved ones, and newcomers. THIS, is my space. I'm not quite positive what I'm going to do with this new acquisition, but rest assured, it WILL be entertaining.

This blog promises a bit of law, dash of politics, and smidge of pop culture. I think that's a recipie for diverse fun!

Some info about me: Rabid IU b-ball fan, current 3L law student, addicted to Wow Doritos, always watching Sex and the City on Sunday nights, (and now Queer Eye for the Straight Guy on Tuesdays), have a liking for Kandinsky art, Broadway buff (and former musical theater performer), Republican (although would call myself more socially liberal than the average elephant), got a great boyfriend (UGA law student), web shopping addict, think skinny, short Hollywood actors are NOT attractive (give me Clooney anytime), martini drinker (hence the name), grew up in a small town (think Hoosiers only bigger), sometimes snort if I laugh too hard, hate pop-up ads, hate people that drive without car insurance, hate hypocrites, and my vices...well, I have a few, but my worst has to be my foul mouth. I'll try to keep it clean on here. Wait, what am I saying? If I can't be ME on MY own blog, where can I?

So, it's me. Maximum strength. Welcome. I'm hoping to set up comments ASAP.

NOTE: I am trying to get my favorite links and blogs updated. If you aren't on there, PLEASE don't be offended--yet.

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1 Hi, Lawren! I saw your blog in KateSpot's blogroll. I've been a bartender since June 2003, and I love martinis, too. My current favorite is a Beefeater Martini up with two olives. Do you have a favorite martini? Take care and feel free to keep in touch!

Posted by: Dan at October 04, 2004 05:18 PM (Ja6Fw)

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