June 11, 2007

We'll Miss You, Tony!

Well, it was a weekend of Tony. Sunday evening proved to be quite exciting for yours truly: The Tony Awards and the "Sopranos" finale were both on, causing me to have to DVR the awards show. I simply could not bear not knowing the fate of my man Ton.

Click here for a run-down of the Tony winners. No big surprise that "Spring Awakening" and "Coast of Utopia" swept most of the categories. Unless you're a theater dork like myself, you may not have heard of most of the winners. David Hyde Pierce of "Frasier" fame won Best Lead Actor in a Musical for "Curtains", which frankly, was a surprise. Billy Crudup won Best Featured Actor in a Play for "The Coast of Utopia." And, another name you all might know: "Coast's" orchestration was done by Duncan Sheik.

But, the real drama of the night came during the series finale of "The Sopranos." A few thoughts:

1) Loved the cat. Even though Adriana wasn't alive like I was hoping, there was still a little of her in the cat, as it constantly stared at Christopher's picture.

2) Um, screamed out loud when the SUV ran over Phil. And then, like the sick, twisted girl that I am, I rewound it for me and my crew over watching.

3) I was on the edge of my seat thinking Pauley was going to sell Tony out.

4) What was with the random vajayjay sighting? I mean, it wasn't even pertinent to the plot!

5) Ok, the ending. Now, I'll admit, at first, I was like, "ARE YOU EFFING KIDDING ME?" But, the more I stewed on it, chatted with others, read some message boards, etc., the more I think it was brilliant. You don't know who is walking in to the diner, you don't know if any of the suspicious looking fellows in the place are about to whack him, and you just have to keep on "believin."

One of the most interesting perspectives I heard was this one that Iceman found on the message boards:
"Tony is dead. Gunshot to the head. Everything went blank. He didn't even see it coming. The camera focusing on Meadow was from Tony's point of view...he was shot as he watching her come in. Think back to the flashback in the 2nd to last episode of Tony sitting on Bobby's boat....they talk about getting shot in the head, and they both agree that you don't even hear anything....everything goes blank!"

Hmmm...is that what Chase wanted us to gather from the long, dark pause?

And, regardless of whether you liked it or not, Chase is a genius because that episode is ALL anyone is talking about today.

Goodbye, Tony. I'll miss you and the gang. (Especially you, Sil). I won't stop believin'.

UPDATE: This was just sent to me by various people:
--The guy who went into the bathroom was credited as Phil Leotardo's brother.

--The trucker was robbed by Christopher in season 2 (Chris killed his brother in the robbery).

--The black guys were the group that tried to kill Tony in an earlier season, but failed (shot his ear).

--The boy scouts were in the train store when Bobby was shot.

--There was reference in an earlier episode that Tony's father was killed in a diner (I can't verify that one...anyone?)

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1 I agree that I think Tony was hit and all went black. Also like the theory that we viewers were all shown what it was like to be whacked. Just black...we never saw it coming.

Posted by: nanc' at June 11, 2007 07:46 AM (Ailrt)

2 I like that theory on Chase's ending...thanks Iceman for the research. It makes sense. I don't feel as blanking blanked about how it ended now.

Posted by: aeh at June 11, 2007 08:10 AM (V031o)

3 This ending definitely grows on you with time... That being said, I think it was brilliant. The fact that EVERYONE everywhere is talking about this, and probably will be for weeks, months, and some geeks for years, is exactly what you want in a series ending.

Posted by: Marcus at June 11, 2007 09:01 AM (bfkgE)

4 In my opinion, the Seinfeld ending sucked, period. The Sopranos ending, however, was perfect. Some are pissed, but those are likely the people who don't appreciate what the series was about from DAY ONE - symbolism, fine-point details, and relating everything back to another moment in the series. As far as the unknown aspect of things, this was by no means the first time Chase finished a Sopranos season like this. And yes, we'll be debating this for YEARS, which is what makes it such a great ending. If Chase had put in some final, dramatic mafia-esque moment to end it all, it would be over and done with, and people wouldn't be talking about it very much. This way, it's on everyone's minds today, and far into the future. Plus, the whole alternate endings being shot will cause a FRENZY like never before for a DVD release date. Chase out-smarted millions of people. It's just that simple.

Posted by: Iceman at June 11, 2007 09:26 AM (JHKKE)

5 Oh, and speaking of the Antoinette Perry Awards for Excellence in Theatre, I can't believe 110th and Shade didn't win best revival of a musical.

Posted by: Marcus at June 12, 2007 10:13 AM (bfkgE)

6 Company is a really good show, though.

Posted by: Lawren at June 12, 2007 01:56 PM (bfkgE)

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