May 18, 2009

Who Would You Choose?

Martin Scorcese is about to begin work on a splashy big-budget biopic of Frank Sinatra's life and the word on the street is that many stars are begging for the role.

Everybody thinks Martin is going to cast Leonardo DiCaprio as Sinatra. But a source told Page Six that it doesn't seem likely, because Leo looks nothing like Sinatra. According to the source, Marty has narrowed it down to a few names including Johnny Depp and James Franco. Other stars in consideration are Jake Gyllenhaal, Harry Connick Jr. , Jon Hamm, Michael Buble, Marky Mark and Justin Timberlake.

My picks are Harry Connick Jr. or Jon Hamm.

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1 Johnny Depp!!! Johnny Depp!!!

Posted by: Ashli at May 18, 2009 07:06 AM (n4KKJ)

2 The brilliance that is ... JOHNNY DEPP. Get Jake Gyllenehhaaoweveryouspell it off that list, pronto.

Posted by: Iceman at May 18, 2009 08:01 AM (JHKKE)

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